Picture of How to make a video slide show with iMovie.
In this instructable I will show you the basics of iMovie and try to teach you how to put together a great video edit and slide show. This can be accomplished with a lot of other software but iMovie comes with a new Mac. If you own a Mac you already have this, SCORE!

I recently purchased a new MacBook and I am really enjoying it. I have learned a lot about it in a very short time. In the process of playing with it and surfing this site I was inspired by another post to learn something new about iMovie. I had this stuck in my head and thought it would make a funny video if I remade it with Instructables images as a slide show and used the audio from the commercial. What resulted was a cool video and an instructable on how to use iMovie that I believe anyone can wrap their head around.

Another quick note: I have no prior knowledge on movie production or professional image editing. I have been using Adobe Photoshop 7 for about seven years and just recently switched to Adobe Photoshop CS. All of my knowledge is self taught and/or comes from trial and error. This was also my first "project" using iMovie so please add a few comments.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
An Apple computer with iMovie - I have OS X v10.5.2 with iMovie v7.1.1
Image editing software - I use Adobe CS v8.0 but anything you are comfortable with is ok.
Music track or sound effects
lionlai8884 months ago

I use totokam video maker you can make many cartoon, fantastic slideshow and fantastic action that you want and it is easy to use. I tried other video maker and it just help you to make boring slideshow.

reine.ibala5 months ago

Tried to follow your directions but the video shakes between frames/photos. Any advice on how to adjust that?

Thornburg7 years ago
Nice, featured twice. Great Instructable.
martymunch (author)  Thornburg7 years ago
Yeah, I can't believe it either. Thanks! The video was featured first. I didn't have the instructable done at that time. I was still learning and getting everything correct. I took a lot of pictures to try to explain everything well.
Clayton H.7 years ago
If you want to make actual movies on your mac and you own iLife '08, then you can download iMove HD '06 which is better.
martymunch (author)  Clayton H.7 years ago
Thanks for the info. I heard iMovie 06 had HD capabilities, but I don't have to much I want to do with movies yet. I'll get into it more this summer for sure though. Thanks for checking out my 'ible.
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
I don't like imovie. I can't make stop motions.
Check outiMovie HD '06 for stop motions.
martymunch (author)  Clayton H.7 years ago
Thanks for the heads up.
martymunch (author)  ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
What do you use to make stop motions? Yeah the quickest picture frame in iMovie is .25 seconds...
I don't, I would like to though.
martymunch (author)  ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
Yeah after this project I might look into that as well. I will be moving and I'm not able to take a lot of my tools with me so my hobbies are going to change a bit. Stop motion animation has always looked cool and is something I'd like to play with as well.
=SMART=7 years ago
Hahaha very nice, where can i actually see it?? i have the Tiger OSX version of iMovie, safe to say it sucks donkey genitalia, when you create a new project and import the video the file size jumps up to 3GB !!! or 16GB if its over 10 min of video. Leopard OSX is $80+ and i dont even know if my 2005 iMac can handle it!!
martymunch (author)  =SMART=7 years ago
Yeah that sucks... this video was one minute 20 seconds and is only 28mb. I think Apple made a lot of effort upgrading the iLife programs for 08 to actually be more user friendly. I love it!
=SMART= =SMART=7 years ago
oh i found the video :D its very good
Brennn107 years ago
I was interested in how you made that awesome video! Awesome job, and thanks for making it into an instructable!
martymunch (author)  Brennn107 years ago
Thanks! It took longer than I though to post but I'm glad you like it. It is really easy to use iMovie.