I wanted to design and make wall lamps (sconces) that could work in my rental apartment and that were easy to customize to fit any look I wanted. The result are these inexpensive wall lamps made in 2 parts, the base and the shade. I love the fact that you can make a custom lamp shade to work with any decor and that you can easily change it if your tastes change over time. I've designed a lamp shade you can make with poster board and cover with fabric, wallpaper or panel material and I've also designed one made with wood edging. Regardless of the shade, I recommend only using LED light bulbs with these lamps.

Because the wall sconces are made with a plug-in light kit with a switch, you can install them on a wall or on a wall panel without having to deal with electrical wiring – perfect for renters! 

Here are the materials you'll need and I've attached pics of the tools and supplies needed to build the lamps:

Base (for 1 wall sconce)
12” x 12” aluminum sheet  $7.50
Candelabra light kit (clip-on socket & switch)  $6.00
Panel lamp shade
8” wood embroidery hoop  $1.50
Poster board & ribbon  $2.00
Panel material (IKEA ANNO SANELA)  N/A
Long prong silver brads (1 bag = 30 brads)  $2.00
Plastic corner guard (2 ft)  $1.00
Wood lamp shade
8” wood embroidery hoop  $1.50
Iron-on pre-glued birch wood edging (3/4”)  $6.50
Long prong brads (1 bag = 30 brads)  $2.00
Plastic corner guard (2 ft)  $1.00

Step 1: Making the Base: Step 1

Draw the template for the base on a piece of paper or poster board.

<p>hi i've watched all of you video yesterday and i love all of those, i just wanna ask if i can use illustration board instead of alluminum sheet? thank you.. :)</p>
Thanks GracielleA! I used the metal sheet because it can be bent at a 90 degree angle and hold it so it's perfect to hold the light kit and the metal also reflects the light nicely.
I'm envisioning this idea put to work with some kind of double-sided room dividers made from beautiful handmade paper with a glowing light inside. Thanks for the inspiration!
You're welcome, glad to hear it sparked another idea!
What a neat project! I plan to pin it to our Lighting &amp; Fans pinboard. Check it out at pinterest.com/homedepot <br> <br>- Chante
So glad you like it Chante, and thanks for sharing my project on your Pinterest board ! <br> <br>Isabelle
This is very cool :) Thank you so much for sharing.
Thanks and you're welcome!
These came out really beautifully, thank you so much for the share and clear instructions. <3
You're welcome and thank you so much for your kind words!

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