How to Make a Water Pipe/bong




Introduction: How to Make a Water Pipe/bong

My entry for the Tap'dNY Keep the Bottle Contest involves making a bong out of a used water bottle, a stem and cone, and a lighter. What's better than saving the environment and getting high while doing it.

Note: Use this at your own risk. Smoking is bad for your health, and if you get caught it's also bad for your criminal record.

Before anyone start flaming I would like to direct them to

Step 1: Gather Supplies

To make this bong you'll need:
-An empty water bottle
-A bill, billie, bill piece, stem and cone, or whatever it is called in your area. Basically a hollow tube with a small bowl on the top. These are available at your local head shop, and can also be made out of things that you can get from a hardware store.
-A lighter (I recommend a BIC)

Step 2: Remove the Label

Take your empty water bottle and peel off the label. Normally there is some paper that wont peel off, this is alright just use the other (label free) side of the bottle.

Step 3: Melt the First Hole

Take your lighter and bottle. Light the lighter and bring it from above, hold the bottle horizontal, and place the flame so it is just touching the plastic (look at the picture if this is unclear). The plastic should slowly melt and form a hole. When the hole is just slightly smaller that your stem, shove it into the hole.

This should be an air tight seal. To check if it is plug the top of the stem with your thumb and place your lips on the top of the bottle. When you inhale you shouldn't hear any air rushing into the bottle. If you do hear air remove the bill, and try again. If the second time fails you'll need a new bottle.

Step 4: Make the Choke

Note: If you screwed up the first hole, and already have a hole without a bill in it DO NOT do this step.

Take your lighter and bottle again and melt a second hole in the bottle. This is called a choke.

Step 5: Fill With Water and Blaze Away

It is very simple to use this bong. Fill it with enough water that the bottom of the stem has about half an inch of water over it, but not too much or it will pour out the choke. You then pack your substance of choice into the cone of the bill. To smoke you cover the choke and put your lips over the mouth of the bottle. Light your substance and inhale.

When you get better at making these you'll be able to make them out of bottles that have water already in them. This is very useful if you want to smoke somewhere where you don't have access to water.



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      its better if you take a can from a drink (i used a redbull can) and a bottle from sobe life water just put a foil screen in the can slide. and dont call it a bong (thats illegal) its a water pipe for tobacco or non marijuana smokeables by the way is the name green day for the band or a day spent getting high

      Great Instructable, we need more on smoking devices. Thumbs up!

      Aside from the fact that this project facilitates an illegal act, it is interesting to note that the authors of the report you link to still state that smoking marijuana is dangerous, and not an activity to be recommended.

      Additionally, CancerReliefUK report a positive link between marijuana use and bladder cancer.

      2 replies

      who said you have to smoke marijuana, you can smoke coffee

      instead of buying a stem u can make one out of a clear plastic pen tube and a larger socket from a wrench kit. just take the socket to one end of the pen so that the wider open end of the socket is open for your "substance" :)

      1 reply

      DO NOT DO THAT. You'll be smoking the plastic. In fact I strongly recomend to just buy a bong, plastic is really bad and burn really easy. I used this bong some time ago and I regret that.

      man have i made my share of these, including a fully functional hookah. ill send u or post some pics of my creations. btw, i made the stem out of a pen, and the cone out of tin cans.

      people I used to know were good enough with a lighter to flame either side of the neck of the bottle causing the plastic to contract, done correctly this puts a pinch like thing towards the top, great for stopping the water splashing up in your face from an overzealous hit. Obviously it reduces the internal volume so a larger bottle maybe needed. Also tilting the neck back slightly with the same method stops singed eyebrows when you're leaning right over the lighter. But then these guys did have too much time on there hands :)

      Nice and simple, easy to come by knowledge, but certainly not 'stolen'. Perhaps a bit about the advantages of using a bong/water bong and it would be great.

      Care to show me where it's stolen from? There's no instructable on it, so I made one. I never claimed it was my idea.