Water powered pelto wheel makes enough electricity to power a house.
<p>thinking about this </p>
Did you make this yourself?
Hi, yes I made this myself
<p>does the type of washer used matter, or do they all have basically the same parts. I was hoping to use one of the ones attached to a drier and I have no idea what im doing.</p>
Color me impressed!
<p>Free electricity if you don't mind a huge water bill, I suppose. This would be a great idea if you could get water pressure for free. Any method of converting water pressure to electricity would be great if you didn't have a water bill to worry about.</p><p>Do you recycle water and use a compressor to create tank pressure? What kind of energy losses are involved in creating sufficient water jet pressure?</p>
<p>It's been a while since I saw this first elsewhere, so I'm not sure anymore of the details. But I'm pretty sure he has a stream which allows him to do this - so no loss whatsoever, the stream's already there ! <br>This kind of setup is only suitable for someone with terrain anyways. It's noisy, and lots of water to get back to nature. But if you have a free water source available, it'd be a shame not to use that energy laying around, now would it ? :)</p>
Simply Amazing !!!!
Thanks for the captions in video. I would like to see the generator working.

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