Step 11: Congratulations!!! You Made It!!!!

I hope you enjoyed working on this project. I wish you good luck with the launch and an enormously high score!
you can look up a water rocket launcher on this site , you can build it yourself
Aquapod water rocket launcher, will cost about 24 us dollars and ships quickly<br>http://www.theaquapod.com/
thnks for sharing. =)
how do you launch it I spent 4 hours building one last night and i was looking everywhere to see if anyone knew a easy way to launch im 13 and 4 hours of building somthing and not being able to use it
Is this for a class because a lot of people have been posting rockets very similar to yours, all new members and all have a tennis ball payload desgin
The first one I read said something about an assignment for physics class.
Thnks for the help yours is the most understandable . because all the rest i cant really get.But I hope you ad some thing on how to launch it<br />

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