Introduction: How to Make a Watering Can Out of a Soda Can and Cigar Tube

Picture of How to Make a Watering Can Out of a Soda Can and Cigar Tube

Reuse a soda can, and a cigar tube to make a small watering can for your plants!

Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need

1 Soda can
1 cigar tube
a dremel tool with
_ a heavy duty cut off wheel
_ a small drill bit
a hot glue gun, and glue

be sure to take the necessary safety precautions- goggles for sure, and it would be a good idea to use a dust catching glove box: because there will be metal shavings flying around

Step 2: Prepare the Can

Picture of Prepare the Can

Mark a circle the diameter of the cigar tube on the can.

Using the cut off wheel, make an X in the circle.
Using a pair of pliers (or a screwdriver, or anything but your fingers, really) push in the 'corners' that you made.

Step 3: Prepare the Cigar Tube

Picture of Prepare the Cigar Tube

Put the tube, covered end in (it goes in easier that way) and 'swirl' it a bit to push the 'corner' tabs in some more.
Then, put the cigar tube open end in, until it's a 'good' amount in (wherever you want it to be, really).
Mark that with a permanent marker.
User your dremel tool to cut three sides of a rectangle out of the cigar tube (see images)- you'll total two cuts.
Fold the newly cut tab up, and out.

Step 4: Put the Cigar Tube in the Can.

Picture of Put the Cigar Tube in the Can.

Simple enough. Now, hot glue it all sealed shut.
Fill the can with water to find any leaks.

Step 5: Cut the Top, Drill Ths Sprinkle Holes!

Picture of Cut the Top, Drill Ths Sprinkle Holes!

cutting the top off makes it easier to fill, and well... you need sprinkle holes!
make sure they are wide, and have lots of space- the picture I've got show a set of holes that are too small, and too close together!


desel3 (author)2009-09-05

yeah i thought it was a bong too

skimmo (author)desel32011-06-25

yep its a bong

terlitz (author)2009-12-14

Good Job!!

BUT a lil' question : you can afford a cigar but u can;t afford a watering can? 

Ideal_Ideas91 (author)2009-06-23

Im Sorry To Mention This But, It Looks Like A Bong.
When I First Saw This I Was Like WTF Is That A Bong?!?! And Nope It Sure As H*** Looks Like A Bong.

killerjackalope (author)2008-05-17

You don't need to add a cigar tube to the design, you set the holes opposite the hole for drinking out of in a small cluster, fill up and go... Still a nice idea, though i'm not a big fan of cigars, just the odd half corona...

thanks for the comment it WOULD be easier to just put a bunch of holes in the can, and my earlier models did indeed do just that. but this was 'a step up' from my usual junk-recycling! also, I like cigars, but they can get expensive, so I usually stick with my pipe.

Hmm I usually smoke cigarettes, I like henri wintermans half coronas, they're cheap and nice... Oh right, I suppose this is a more permanent solution, hmm I have a similar mini project do post, you reminded me, it's about summer time so this is when that's good to go...

Kiteman (author)killerjackalope2008-05-18

Personally, if I had an empty can and a metal cigar tube, I'd make the can into a watering can by itself, and the cigar tube into a steam engine!

Unfortunately, I don't know anybody that smokes "tubed" cigars, and cigar shops won't give away the tubes empty.

killerjackalope (author)Kiteman2008-05-18

What sort of steam engine were you thikning, the cigar tubes would be quite adaptable...

Kiteman (author)killerjackalope2008-05-18

There's an old design, where a small boat has a cigar tube mounted horizontally over a flame. There's a small amount of water in the tube, and an exit hole at the end. Basically, it's a steam-jet.

killerjackalope (author)Kiteman2008-05-18

Ah I thought of that but had you down for a putt putt guy... Ha my cigar tube would be turnedin to a jet similar in function, except with burning gases, had my little pocket jet boat not sunk so easily it would have been good, it created useful thrust in the water, but tipped itself over...

Kiteman (author)killerjackalope2008-05-18

... a putt putt guy ...

Actually, I am. I just happen to have an affection for old projects that can be summed up in a single image. I lost the original article years ago, but that cigar-tube steam-jet image has stuck in my mind, just waiting for a cigar tube to fall into my possession.

As for the putt putt, one of my many half-warmed fishes (google the phrase) is a putt putt motor that requires no soldering or epoxy.

killerjackalope (author)Kiteman2008-05-18

That seems a pretty reasonable thing, I have an image of how to do it, however until one of us has a go, you could use chewing gum as a sealant, poke the whole engine through, add your plugs aroudn the pipes to stop leaks, away you go, I think...

Kiteman (author)killerjackalope2008-05-18

I forgot to mention, it also involves origami skills...

killerjackalope (author)Kiteman2008-05-18

Hmm that doesn't help matters, I can see a fire kite situation coming on...

Hoopajoo (author)2008-05-17

Cool instructable! However, when I see the main picture, I can't help but wonder if your orange drink hasn't been hitting the viagra.

xrobevansx (author)2008-05-17

Let me be the first to say...this looks like a water pipe.

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