Picture of Wearable Shoe Phone
Any sane geek would think that something as cool as Maxwell Smart's shoe-phone would be everywhere. You'd think there'd be a company or two selling them online, and the internet would be filled with hobbyists boasting about how proud they are of them.

But it's only ever been done once. That's right, there has only ever been one wearable working shoe-phone made. And it was made by a guy named Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen in Adelaide (in the world's sexiest country), who hasn't yet fully documented how he did it here. He also made a shoe bluetooth-headset, and thankfully he provided plenty of details. If you're ever looking to make a shoe-phone that's a little more technical than mine, he's the guy to talk to.

Anyway, due to the detail he provides, this instructable is largely based on Paul's shoe-headset, except... with a phone.

Things you'll need:
1. A nice-looking pair of shoes with wooden heels. The heels need to be big enough to fit a box 77x43x17 mm. If they cant, you'll have bits sticking out.
2. A Panasonic GD55. I.e. a SERIOUSLY tiny phone.
3. Big feet (to put in the big shoes)

This is where I got it all:
1. Shoes from a local op shop. I had to go to a few to find something that was good, but I found them eventually - $10
2. Phone from Ebay. And it came with a free headset - $46
3. Feet... well, I've had them for a while...

1. Dremel
2. Kitchen knife and fork
3. Strong glue (Liquid Nails)
4. A tiny little Hex screwdriver
5. A drill
6. A jigsaw

To make sure your shoe has wooden heels, look at the side of the shoe. You should be able to see a small line between the base of the heel and the wooden bit.

Or, if you're lazy, you can just buy this one on eBay.
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thepaul935 years ago
you from australia, i think the phone said 'yes optus'
mikeyberman (author)  thepaul935 years ago
Very observant :)
thanks :)
go australia!
whats a shoeduh?
RMDelete3 years ago
Interesting concept! Buuut I think I would never eat at your place no offense :) hahaha.
Koosie6 years ago
Try adding a feature that you can use your big toe to answer.
LOL! Yeah, that's a great idea. : D
simdude2u4 years ago
I don't want any dog poo in my ear.
Talik4 years ago
must blow to step in dog sh*t
some one should make something like this must its a roller skate and its motorized that would be awsome
what happens if you step on something or it goes off ringing??
GORBACHEV996 years ago
It's will be good for the new 007 movie.
sammel6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
mikeyberman (author)  DELETED_Robert L6 years ago
Get Smart.
AndyGadget6 years ago
Here's a crazy idea . . . Try getting on a plane wearing this. I'm pretty certain you'd immediately become the centre of attention ;¬)
lolllll, could you imagine seeing that on tv?, that would be greatttt
Well, you might not be able to see that one on TV, but you can see me using one of the ones that Michael spoke about in his instructible in this TV news report:

Of course, it is even more fun to use in real life, including when an interview about the shoe phone gets interrupted by the shoe phone ringing. Although the strangest moment so far would have to be when it first rang when I was driving.

Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen
did you pull over to answer it?, lol
I did, but it stopped ringing just as I went to answer it. I was a very Maxwell Smart kind of moment. It is surprisingly awkward to remove your shoe while sitting in the driver seat of a car. It's also funny the things that go through your mind at a time like that. The naughty impulse of "maybe I will just answer my phone and talk while I drive" tries to happen, but then gets awfully confused as the rest of your brain starts asking questions like "so how ARE you going to take your shoe off AND keep your foot on the accelerator at the same time?" Paul.
cruise control
Or you make the phone into the LEFT shoe instead of the right, but what's done is done.
but i have a habit of using both feet. one for brake, one for accelerator.
Ok... if you use both feet to drive, you could have a bluetooth headset for driving, or have your calls redirected to your nifty carphone.
lol abuth, that would be a weird ticket to get, if you was in the right state, "talking on your shoe while you were driving"
(removed by author or community request)
*Slaps head* You mean you've never heard of the original Get Smart television show? I'm so sorry, really. It was a masterpiece.
Indeed it was, but i havent seen it on TV land in awhile....did they stop running it?
not to be mean or anything, but this would annihilate your phone, be less efficient than almost any other idea you can think up, and it would wreck your shoe. (not a big deal really, about wrecking the shoe. I just needed three reasons to make a valid argument.) but seriously, I wouldn't trash my phone like that.
mikeyberman (author)  pindalanderz6 years ago
Yeah, it's hardly the most secure design, but you'd be surprised how well it works. I haven't worn it much, but I've triple checked that the phone has no contact with the ground. Anyway, once I've found the ideal shoes for Shoe-Phone 2.0, it'll be 100% guaranteed not to ruin anything.
moseph6 years ago
Don't you totally bust up your cell phone when you walk? I guess I drag my heels a lot but I'm pretty sure this thing would be toast after 15 minutes of use. Still, very cool concept.
would it be easier to use a bluetooth adapter in the shoe and keep the phone in your pocket? You could dial using voice!
I recommend placing the phone into the shoe via black epoxy, then it will meld seamlessly with the black rubber's look.
ew i steped in gum and now its im my ear ew lol great ible
captainpoco6 years ago
Not To Be Worn In Airports. They get kind of edgy about this sort of thing.
bizz6 years ago
If you used high tops for the MP3, you could run speakers through the tongue and sides :D
dvsmith6 years ago
Why would you spray paint the phone at this step? It seems that it would have been much easier to do in step two, when you had the casing apart, without worry of clogging ports or the screen.
mikeyberman (author)  dvsmith6 years ago
good point dvsmith :) I'll update the instructable.
mikeasaurus6 years ago
the next step would be to make the Cone Of Silence!
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