Step 5: Final notes

Picture of Final notes
Just so everyone knows, I have no experience with anything like this, besides the NESBlinky on this site, and my other instructable. I've never disassembled shoes, or anything like that.

I'm probably doing things the silly way - if you can think of a better way to do things like this, by all means try it out. And tell me - I'd love to improve my design.

I'd also like to say that if you're not careful, you could easily ruin the phone or the shoes. So be careful.

Finally, if anyone has any crazy ideas, please tell me. I'm considering turning the left shoe into an mp3 player, but I'm not sure how silly I'd look with a cable running from my shoe to my headphones...

Stay tuned (or subscribe to me and wait) for Shoe-Phone 2.0, where the phone will be completely concealed, and buttons will have to be moved. It'll be a lot more complicated, but the result will be six times better :)
sammel6 years ago
moseph6 years ago
Don't you totally bust up your cell phone when you walk? I guess I drag my heels a lot but I'm pretty sure this thing would be toast after 15 minutes of use. Still, very cool concept.
bizz6 years ago
If you used high tops for the MP3, you could run speakers through the tongue and sides :D