Introduction: How to Make a Weaved Paracord Lighter Holder

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In this tutorial I will show you have to make a weaved paracord lighter holder.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:

Roughly 9' of paracord

Side cutters or another means to cut the cord

A lighter to burn the ends of the cord


A lighter to wrap

A carabiner or other type of clasp

Step 2: Starting to Wrap

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Start by making a U in the cord with the bottom of the U at the bottom of the lighter. Leave about 9 inches over the top of the lighter for extra to be weaved back through at the end. Use a pencil and start wrapping around the light and pencil. The pencil will give you the slack you will need while weaving. You should be able to get about 16 wraps around the lighter. Once you are at the bottom put the end through the U you made and pull it closed.

Step 3: Starting to Weave

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Now start with a hemostat at the top and pull your cord back up to the top over and under the wraps you made around the lighter. Make sure to keep pushing the cord over as close as possible to your last weave to keep everything uniform and tight. Make sure your last weave goes back up to help make the ending.

Step 4: Finishing Up

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Remove the lighter and take your extra from the top and pull it back down through the bottom of the lighter holder and weave it back up through along side your last weave back up. You can now put your lighter back into the holder, you make have to push and stretch the cord a little bit to get it back in. You may now slide a carabiner or clasp onto your 2 pieces of cord at the top then pull the cord back down through 3 or more of the weaves.

Leave as much or little cord as you want to make the carabiner adjustable. Time some knots in the ends of the cord and singe them with a lighter and your lighter is now complete.



robertjames (author)2011-06-16

cool but can u a pocet knife insted of a lighter

evil ernie (author)robertjames2011-06-17

You could but you would have to close in the bottom so the knife could not fall out and not tighten the weave as much so the knife is easier to get out.

bdun (author)evil ernie2014-10-26

How would you close the bottom? I plan on making this for several different items. One is a "big battery mod" e-cigarette, one for a folding knife and one for my cell phone.

robertjames (author)evil ernie2011-08-12

ohh tanks

Huntman10 (author)2012-07-23

Thanks for the instructions. I made one with a little modifying and i love it!! Thanks again. P.S. mine is tank green

doo da do (author)2012-01-18

If you go large you could have a cell phone holder.

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