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I found something awesome that allows you to make a website. It is online, and you can sign up for free. If you make a site on google sites, it gives you a big, long URL that people have to remember and type in, which is a lame URL. This service gives you a varying type of URL. Some I've seen include.web(some number).net, .net(some number).net, and sometimes even .com! My site is . I thought that the Instructables community would like to see this great service

Thanks to the following sites for pictures:

Also thanks to member Ranie-K for reminding me about citations
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Step 1: Make an account

Picture of Make an account

The first thing you need to do is go here and sign up.(make sure to read the terms of use ) You can click the sign up button, which is above the Facebook info on the right side in the middle of the page. Be careful when choosing your URL here, because you can not change this later. This service is called 000 Webhost. I found out while learning HTML off of YouTube videos that this was free, and you can not only use HTML, but it also has a visual editor.
robindallaway7 months ago

worth reading, but wordpress has caught up now.

Sam I Am1 year ago
Thanks for the info. I know somthing kind of like that on
jharvison3 years ago
can you create a template
I am happy to reply .... yes... there are a number of ways but I used Xsite Pro to upload to the ftp access and here is the result >> >>
Initially I was disappointed because the wordpress is not an option just yet on the free version .. you can upload with the ftp information that they give you after sign up so  its entirely possible to upload any template that you create.. you dont have to use theirs.. ( I found them adequate but customizing difficult ) (I plan on creating others and am going to add a page in>> >>with video as soon as I have the time... ) Cheers
Ranie-K3 years ago
Did you make these pictures yourself? If not, did you get expressed permission from the picture owners before posting them here and tell the readers where you found them?
good job
steven1324 (author) 3 years ago
I just cited my sources. Thank you for the remindePr