Picture of How to make a website in HTML
If you ever wanted to make a website, but didn't know how, this is a good way to do it!
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Step 1: The Basics

Picture of The Basics
To make something in HTML, you need to start with the tag
Then, you should add your header.
The title is what your browser displays at the top, next to the exit and minimize buttons.
You can write you title there. After you've typed your title, you need to end it with
Now, for the main words on your page. This goes under the body tag.
Once you're done typing your body, you end it with
Then, you can end the page with
That's the basics.

Step 2: More Body

Picture of More Body
That is good for a simple website. However, if you want to change other parts of the body, such as the color, then you should use something like this as the body tag.
<BODY TEXT="#150517" LINK="red" VLINK="blue" BGCOLOR="#CCFB5D" > 
The TEXT part changes the font color. LINK is what color the link is before you click on it, and VLINK is what it is after. BGCOLOR is the background color of the page. You can just write the color, such as "black", or you can use the hexadecimal equivalent to use the exact color that you want. If you want the hexadecimal color code, try this site: That gives you a huge variety of choices to jazz up your site.
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TheGreatS3 years ago
Could you maybe show the way a table looked in a website?
how do you embed videos/games and pictures/logos
I found a site yesterday that's really good at teaching html *and* css. It's
FethrdWlf5 years ago
I was wondering... Does HTML work on Instructables through comments?
lieuwe5 years ago
this is a nice intro to html, but people PLEASE use css for your makeup, don't use font tags and the like, and NEVER EVER use tables to build your site, only use tables for, well tables :-)
zachninme7 years ago
"All of the new browsers can use XHTML."

Sorry, no. Actually, you should not use XHTML. Browsers actually have a harder time interpreting it because its so strict. Heck, IE can't even do XHTML. (You may not care, but the majority of your users, who are IE users, will) .

In addition, if you don't change the doctype, the browsers will still think its HTML, even if you have the XML declaration.
ummm. you may want to check that. The percentage of firefox users are increasing daily because Iexplorer has issues with conforming to current standards of coding.

You should use XHTML because it promotes the use of correct error free code and eliminates the need for extra error correction functioning built into the browsers. Firefox is inherently faster at loading websites because they don't include so much arbitrary error correction functioning as iexplorer. There are a few code standards that are unrealistic in the strict doctype (like no target="_blank" tags allowed") but if you don't like this just use transitional. Read up the few changes to fit the xhtml standard at, most of them are really simple and easy to follow.
fwjs28 coolguy6 years ago
the only reason why IE is so prominent is that people are afraid of downlaoding and internet explorer is already there so wabamm!there you go...also FF turned 3.0....yay!!!!
Spacekidkyle (author)  zachninme7 years ago
Actually, yes. Browsers don't have a harder time understanding it, it makes it easier, because it defines everything clearly. I do care if IE can't use it, because I use IE, as well as Firefox and some others. The doctype does work, check the W3 site. It'll tell you.
Netscape, Firefox, Opera, and Safari all support XHTML, or at least, the newest versions do. Internet Explorer can view XHTML, by treating it as HTML. It works in them all. IE doesn't crash or show a 404, so it works. You should probably check it. Most sites you go to on IE, if you view the soucre, a lot of them will have that DOCTYPE declaration. Try to check what you're saying. For the browsers, it had a table listing browsers, operating systems, and version, and if it supports XHTML. Why don't you look? You might find it interesting.
Can I see one of your XHTML pages?
I want to show you a problem.
if you want to see one of mine goto All the pages beside the home page should be transitional. The only reason the home page doesn't fit is because of the stat counter link that is used by an external source (they used non-standard code form). Check them on through w3schools.
Once again, someone fell into the XHTML trap. The doctype is text/html, which means that browsers are still thinking its HTML, even though you have a Doctype and valid XHTML
so... do you have a valid reason for writing sloppy code that doesn't conform to standards thereby slowing the rendering time on your sites? You seem to have something against writing clean xhtml code. XHTML was created with the intention to replace HTML in the future.

BTW the code type of the site I listed above is actually PHP. The remote Apache server treats the .html extension as server-side code. Mime-types don't mean s*** when it comes to webpage files because each different language has unique opening and closing tags and all can be included in one file if the webserver has the corresponding modules installed.
Actually, MIME types matter EVERYTHING. Try to use Ming (with PHP) to create a .Swf. If you don't set the MIME type correctly, it won't work. I'd also like to apologize for multiple typos mixing up "doctype" and "MIME type" And I believe that HTML 4.1 Strict is not "sloppy". And I don't mind XHTML, as long as its correctly done.
Spacekidkyle (author)  zachninme7 years ago
Okay. I just made a short one in XHTML for you, the site I made is down at the moment, or I'd send you to there. Anyway, here's a link to a file in XHTML for you.
No, I wanted an XHTML page, not just the text :P
Spacekidkyle (author)  zachninme7 years ago
Oops. Sorry. Forgot to post a .html, its a .txt. You could easily make it .html, but whatever. Here you go.
I know I could have made it .html, but then it wouldn't be fair. You still messed up. If I opened that in Firefox, or any web browser, I'd be treated as HTML. It doesn't care that you declare it XHTML in the doctype, its still HTML because the MIME type is text/html. Of course, theres no easy way to fix this (on Windows, at least), just proving my point why it should not be used. (The MIME type should be application-xhtml/xml , if you're curious) And no, just renaming it .xhtml won't help either. It doesn't work like that.
XHTML is interpreted by the browser under different conditions. The header has nothing to do with mime types, it has everything to do with the rendering in the browser. It does care that you declare it XHTML in the doctype. The actual applicaton of its uses by the different browsers depends on the people who are coding them (ex. FireFox strictly follows W3C standards whereas iExplorer is still catching up to current standards and is stubborn about backwards compatibility of some features that were only ever used in iExplorer).
octavian2345 years ago
This is one of the best instructables ive seen on html and i would like to thank you very much for such an excellent instructable.
REA6 years ago
this will go great withthis instructable
REA6 years ago
so you dont have to type out doctype... you just pute the and everything? this is a good instructable, but if you have enough money to shell out, i would suggest DreamWeaver. its way easier! sadly im not in the shell out group, so ill be doing my page design on Note Pad.
Thanks buddy! I love this instructable I hope you would post more about html. '
(removed by author or community request)
I'd love to learn that method, I just got Photoshop CS3 the other day. If you can post that, please do, it sounds pretty interesting.
Skyfinity7 years ago
This creates a LOCAL website, right? No one on earth but you on your computer can be able to access this. Besides, you need a webhoster for it to appear everywhere.
This is local yes. You need a host for it to be over the internet. I recommend Geocities or
Gjdj3 Noodle936 years ago
You could try 110mb also. I like the way their interface works.
cris11337 years ago
you should include javascript, animated buttons,fourms and lots of things! for extra help go to
JS etc. Isn't as easy as it seems. It took me weeks to learn it, and that was after MASTERING HTML. I can't imagine how long it would take for an absolute beginner. I'm sorry, but your visualization just isn't logical. Also, there was a bit of spam at the end there.
Forums aren't a simple HTML. It requires server scripting. Which can be pretty advanced for someone who is currently learning HTML. Things you should learn after HTML is Javascript and PHP.
A good site to host your own free sites is or , same sites but ulmb is faster to type....and to download your html,php... files to it use smartftp
I HACK8 years ago
haii i just wanted 2 boe how i can save dis as a webpage were all ma friends can acces it from tha internet at their house
mutant I HACK8 years ago
To save it as a webpage save as .htm or .html As for making it viewable by your friends on the internet. Just upload the file to a server. So it will be That is your webpage. Or you can get your own server at Godaddy like I did. Here's my site.
lemonie8 years ago
I was doing this in 1992, please refer to Jezza Bear's comments. I will add that I like using Notepad & understanding my tags over using html etitors. Anyone remember Netscape Gold 3?
Spacekidkyle (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I've never heard of that one before. I just looked it up, and it is a WYSIWYG editor. That means that you make the page the way you want it to look, without bothering about HTML. It does that for you. If you don't have a lot of time, or you're too lazy to make your own website in HTML, then it's fine, but it just isn't as fun as typing out 15 pages with 2 other frames per page in HTML. I just think that it is more fun to do it in HTML, and you learn more doing it that way. I don't mean to sound annoyed, but they just aren't a great thing unless you're lazy.
I used Netscape Gold 3 a bit (the name amuses me) but gave up and used a text editor (i.e. I agree with you). And since that version of Nestscape was on the HP-UNIX cluster, I would have been using the HP_UX text-editor! (happy days)
Spacekidkyle (author) 8 years ago
I started with HTML because you need to have a basic understanding of it before you can learn XHTML. You do need to learn HTML, because that makes it a lot easier to understand XHTML. More people have heard of HTML than XHTML, so I made a HTML instructable, and mentioned how to make it XHTML. HTML 4.01 is still widely used, and is still a good language to make a website in. I added the bit about XHTML so that you could learn how to make your website slightly more modern. HTML works in all browsers, but not all browsers support XHTML. And, those tags I used do work, just not in all cases. It is a bit easier to write than , and need to define every aspect of your website. I think that this instructable is fine for now, and I don't need to get rid of all the HTML. Besides, this is my first instructable, and I'm new to this and somewhat new to HTML and XHTML. If you want to make a full XHTML tutorial, go ahead and make one. I don't think that it will fit very well on instructables, so I made it simple. If you wanted to learn more, you Googled up a site that went more in depth. Simple as that.
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