How to make a wedding ring pillow - I made it at TechShop

Picture of How to make a wedding ring pillow - I made it at TechShop
You will need:
White satin fabric
White ribbon
Cotton balls

Step 1:

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Take a piece of white satin and cut out two 10 inch by 8 inch sheets.

Step 2:

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Pin two pieces of ribbon, each about 8 inches in length (you can trim later if you need), to the middle of one of  the sheets of satin.

Step 3:

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Sew each ribbon onto the satin sheet. You can you an elaborate stitch: here I used heart stitches. This is where the rings will be displayed.

Step 4:

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Pin the two pieces of satin together, the ribbon side in. Sew the two sheets together, leaving a three inch gap open. Make sure that you do not sew over the ribbons! tying them together in the middle will help to prevent this.

Step 5:

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Turn the pillow inside out. Stuff the pillow with cotton balls. 

Step 6:

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Hand sew the three inch gap closed. You now have pillow on which to carry your wedding rings down the isle. Congratulations!
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