Picture of How to make a wheel for your phone.
With this guide I will explain how to build a wheel for playing the races on your phone.
I have studied the following procedures, as always, to be realized by all.

Bequired, drill, jigsaw, hot glue, vinyl glue, file, rasp, sandpaper, plus the usual tools.

A piece of plywood from 300x300x15 mm.
A piece of plywood from 300x300x10 mm.
A piece of plywood or plastic from 3 mm thick.
2 elastic.
Two pieces of wood like chopsticks.
Various coating and finishes.
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Step 1:

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Draw the design on the 15 mm plywood and then place your phone in the middle, draw the shape taking into account the thickness of the coating of the housing.
In my case the drawing was done for the Galaxy S, so if you have a different phone, you have to adapt the design to fit.

In the attachment drawings in dwg and pdf.

Step 2:

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2 ° Cut out the whole shape of the steering wheel. Place the template on the plywood cut to 10 mm, and copy the profile except the home phone.
Now cut the wheel also of 10 mm.

Step 3:

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3 ° Sand good for the phone housing with sandpaper. At this point you must glue the two steering wheels with white glue (PVA glue). With clamps block them or if you have not planted two pegs and then put us on a nice weight. (Nails are used to move does not make the two shapes).

Step 4:

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4 ° While the glue dries, prepare the two brackets. I used a piece of poroflex, but you can also use plywood, plexiglass, lexan, etc. The important thing is that it is 3 mm thick.
Draw the two brackets and cut, then drill the holes 6 mm.
For a aesthetic issue only I glued a piece of black rubber mat.

In the attachment drawings in dwg and pdf.

Step 5:

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Hour Cut two pieces of wood about 50 mm long obtained from large skewers or even better by chopsticks.
johnstat00011 months ago

Wow, you should really patent this and sell your idea to some game companies. You could make a lot of money...

Wow!thats some great work and clearly explained ,will definately try to make it .
agis683 years ago
excellent idea....really smart......bravo!!! and well presented. I will make mine for the ipod touch!!!!
racastro623 years ago
Really well made. Good styling. Brackets look a bit weak, but it depends on material quality and proper mounting. Very good!
awesome. love it.
anallie0 (author) 3 years ago
Good luck and enjoy.