Step 13:

13 ° At this point we have to give a sporty at the wheel, I used the black paracord, but can be anything you want, soft rubber, duct tape, and if you are good you can cover it in leather.
Using the paracord you have to wrap it often turns to stop them glued. Look at the pictures to get an idea of how to run it.
<p>Beautiful piece of engineering! Excellent quality. Awesome!</p>
<p>Wow, you should really patent this and sell your idea to some game companies. You could make a lot of money...</p>
Wow!thats some great work and clearly explained ,will definately try to make it .
excellent idea....really smart......bravo!!! and well presented. I will make mine for the ipod touch!!!!
Really well made. Good styling. Brackets look a bit weak, but it depends on material quality and proper mounting. Very good!
awesome. love it.
Good luck and enjoy.

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