Thank you for viewing my ible! Now as some of you may know I made a wind generator before and got a lot of good feedback. Now in the old one I left it up to you to decide what you wanted to do with the energy it put out. But not this time! If you were a little stuck or didn't know what to do with the energy I will be showing you how to turn wind into light! This is built using recycable material, giving trash new life!

How does it work?
The wind catchers catch the wind and rotate, while rotating it turns a stepper motor which acts as our generator. The stepper motor outputs around .6 volts to maybe a full 1volt, depending on how windy it is. That energy is then rectified to dc and stored in a nickle based rechargeable battery(what is stored is what is outputed). The energy stored in the battery is then toggled on by a swtich and runs through a joule theif. The joule theif takes the low voltage and steps it up enough to power 5 white leds. 

what are some factors to consider?
There can be a few. One factor to consider is the stepper motor, you want one that is easy to turn and that can output at least half a volt at a slow RPM rate. It is best to test your motor before building this. Since the wind (another factor) isn't as consistent as the power coming out of your wall it is also hard to give an accurate charge time. In my area winter kinda came early this year bringing some strong winds, which works out well for this build. 
So in short there are two factors really, the wind and the specs of your motor. All stepper motors are different. Some are hard to turn and some are easy, some output a decent voltage and some don't. 

Lets get things started by first watching a video of this in action! view the next step for the video.

Step 1: Watch the video

<p>can we use a dynamo instead of toroid</p>
Is there any way to test if the wheel catcher is actually working and if the stepper motor can actually charge the battery ? <br>PS : everything regarding electricity is still kinda new to me
The easiest way to check and see if it is outputting electricity is to use a multimeter and keep the wheel at a consistent pace.

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