Step 5: Testing section / exhaust

This section can be of any length, enough to incorporate your flow straighter, the hole for the gas intake, and viewing screen. 

For this section, what we did was cut out 3 parts of the 4 and for the 4th part, use a shorter piece cut that in half and have the Lexan sheet in the middle of the two. Don't forget to peel off both sides of the Lexan protector! 

The last two images show how to make one of the two stands used to stand the tunnel up since it is at an angle without this part because of the contraction section.  Just cut slots into each piece and shove them together to make the stands.

<p>Hello. I am planning to build and control a wind tunnel for my final year project. I am interested in your design and would like to design a similar one. Do you have an operating video?</p>
I think every school should have a wind tunnel. I have built a simple one for our school, and it is immensely popular!
<p>what grade are you in? there are thousands of experiments all schools should have.</p>
<p>whats the use of sand paper in this project</p>
<p>thanx james you are very helpful for me</p><p>thanx a lot</p>

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