This instructable will show you step by step on how to make a blowgun out of a straight stick you will have to find from a tree and some darts.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Before we get started, I would like to state a few things. First, the formula for a good blowgun is the longer the better,(but not to long!)and the size of the bore hole(the hollow space in which the dart is inserted and blown through) has to be the right size/diameter. If the hole is too big, air will not get compressed if you blow it. Also, there would not be much velocity. If the hole is too small, your eyes will look as they would pop out as you blow!


These are the tools and materials you will need:

5.x-acto blade

1.straight stick - 1/2 inch thick or 2 inch thick. Try to find one from a tree that is 2-3 feet long(I used one that was as long as 1.44 feet), and still green so that it will be easier to work with(any kind of wood will do as long as it is not to weak or thick).
2.wood glue
<p>im quite impressed with our garage replica. For the survival junkies... The ancient used an incredibly similar method they used stick and sand for the channel and the sed pitch and cordage o piece it together.</p>
<p>your not our...</p>
Wow made this just to emulate the cuteness of this little guy: <br> <br>http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/archive/3/3b/20120609083840!Teemo_OriginalSkin.jpg <br> <br>Thanks, I used a smaller stick with a smaller dart made of a single sewing pin and a top of cheesy feathers from a local art store but still the method was really helpfull. Thanks again!
can this transalate to bamboo?
I made one with bamboo it wirks good all you need is a round file a.nd a knife to split it i also used 150 grit sandpaper on the noches
i was wondering if you could possibly tell me what you did to reseal the bamboo, i know this an old post but if you could help a guy out it would be appreciated
Burning the wood to hollow out works better.
Ive been making different kinds of blowguns for a long time,and I find that burning the wood to hollow out works better.
&nbsp;i ripped the wood with a tablesaw and cut the hollow with a router. then i made one with completely aboriginal techniqes using a rock and wooden wedges. amazingly, the handmade one out performed the machined one by about a factor of two.
I'm having difficulty splitting the wood, neither saw no machette will split it without slipping to one side.<br />
one can put rifling in while it is split for added accuracy but it is hard I recommend a 1 in12 spin ratio.<br />
safety is one of those thing that I kind of thought about.<br />
nice handwriting. and could I use a stick of wood about 6 ins???
nice blow gun the darts seem a little weak though
what kind of wood should i use
dammit dun use wood jus saw of 2 ends off a broom handle
Or even better, use some copper plumbing pipe :P
look up deadly blow dart or deadlier blow darts for some pretty cool darts maby eaven better than these p.s. nice pipe
I've used both, and find that this method of dart creation tends to work better... Those ones work well, and look cool, but the ones shown on this, and other semi-pro seeming blow-gun tutorials often work better, as they create a better seal in pipe, allowing for faster, more accurate flight...
:O Definitely going to make this and get rid of those annoying minah birds that chase all the nice birds away. Great idea!
coolest blowgun I've seen on here.
nice. a stinger muffler? did you make that into a baja?
It was Baja'd when I got it.
I would use a fluffy dart end because they work better in wooden blowguns.
evr heard of sawin of 2 ends off a broom handle??
If the blowgun is longer it can be aimed more easily, I say. I have a plastic tube serving as blowgun so I Will try the darts because mine are made of cork and ar sensitive to water(I mean very sensitive! If it gets humid air it grows enough to not be able to shoot it out.
could you turn it into a didge?
yes. any hollow tube is technically a didgeridoo.
** technically CAN BE a didgeridoo ...<br/>
No. No it cant. Besides being much to small to be a didgeridoo, didgeridoos lengths are made as such to affect the sound, the material to effect the resonance, etc. This is not a didgeridoo.
Just because its not the proper dimensions doesnt mean it cant be played around with. i would still put it to the purpose of a didgeridoo. i guess it all depends on how you look at it. I understand where you are coming from though.
please... it is not a didgeridoo
nice, im gonna go kill people. jsut kidding. :D
Kill people? You're kidding, right?
Why do you think I said "jsut kidding", which was a typo for "just kidding"?
wow i just made tgis and killed the squrile thats been pestering me all week
AWSOME! I used a metal tube instead of a wooden stick, and it stuck in a door.
This is a really cool Instructable, I can put this to many uses : ) Favorited -Alex
5 out of 5. this is awesome (favorite)

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