How to make a wooden Egyptain Khopesh (Sword)

Picture of How to make a wooden Egyptain Khopesh (Sword)

A khopesh is a sword that was used by the royal guard, it was used as a last resort because bows and axes were preferred for fighting with. It was designed as a disarming weapon

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Step 1: All the parts

Picture of All the parts
the things you'll need: a saw, a coping saw, a wood file, a red thing, and some wood!

Step 2: Cut the wood

Picture of Cut the wood
Basically, all I did was print off a photo of the sword and sketch it on to the wood and then got to work.
I discovered that cutting with the tools already stated is hard and takes ages so if you have a band-saw/jig-saw it a less stressy time.

Step 3: The end

Picture of The end

The finished blade, I slimed it down on the band-saw to get rid of the knots and to make it more of a sword blade width
the handle will be up soon


ilpug3 years ago
Nice. I now know what a khopesh is. Great job, but you might want to wrap the handle in something or taper the edge a bit so it looks a bit better. Great idea though.
rtyler (author)  ilpug3 years ago
rtyler (author)  ilpug3 years ago
sorry it took me soooooo long to reply I got locked out 3 months and 1 day.... :)
yeh what I have done is make a handle for it that I need to put up...
its also a great username for whatever
rtyler (author) 3 years ago
Please comment or follow or something.............