How to Make a Wooden Claw (or Fang)





Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Claw (or Fang)

In this intructable I'll show you how to make a good looking claw(or fang) which you can use as a pendent on a necklace or on a simple keychain.

Step 1: Choosing Your Wood

Choose a piece of wood which would accomodate your futur design.
I had a piece of pine wood lying in my room which was of exact size for my design.

Step 2: Starting Your Design

Draw the outline of the claw on one of the side faces.You can create one or you can search for the design of a specific claw on the net.

Step 3: Some Basic Cutting

Using your coping saw or whatever saw start cutting the outline of your claw.
To make the curve part start cuting vertically until you reach the outline of your design.Check image 3 to see what I mean.
Then incling your saw a bit start cutting the curve part.Check image 5-7 to see the cutting.

Step 4: Some More Cutting

Now turn your piece of wood so that the top part faces you.Trace the design of the front face.Following the line cut the pointed part of your claw.

Step 5: Polishing

Now you can start polishing the pointed part to reveal its beautiful growth rings.I'm using strips of 150 grit paper to give the claw a smooth finish.As from picture 2 and 3 you can see a net difference compared to before.

Step 6: Removing All Straight Edges

Cut the claw to a specific length.Check image 1 to see where to cut. Then you can cut off all straight edges.

Then using your coping saw give the back of the claw a rounded shape.Check image 5 to see what I mean.

Step 7: Further Polishing

Then finally you can polish it to give it a good smooth finish.

Step 8: Drilling

Now mark the place where you gonna drill a hole so that it can be hung.

Using your dremel or whatever drilling machine,drill the hole.Insert the screw.Check image 4.

Step 9: Adding the Chain

Using pliers open one of the rings of the chain and insert it in through the screw.Then you can close it.Insert your Key ring and you've got your Key chain.

To make the necklace insert the necklace through the screw.

If you make three claws you'll be able to make Yoh's necklace like in shaman king.



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Try a denser wood next time. Maybe U can add some wax or oil on the surface of the wood and it will not get dirty so easily.I've seen people processing wooden knife handle with crashed nuts because nuts contain a lot of fat.

Cool. I've been looking for a cool necklace pendent design

looks great bro.. lot similar to sumthing i made.. but a lot better intructable :)

Thx for the comment

i would like to ask you , what did you use to hold the 3 claws togher and separate ? and can i paint it with black paint ? :)

It's simply a cotton thread and yes you can paint it if you want. Sorry for the late response.

no worries dude :) thanks i made mine already :3 its not soo great but i did it :D

Tagua nut is easily carved, and once you grind off the outer skin, the "meat" of the nut looks much like ivory, and would make a much more realistic tooth.  There is a void in the center, and a hole at one end where the tree germ originally was.