Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Dog Bowl From Pallet Wood!

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This dog bowl was created from old pallet wood and hand carved with decorative leaves and my dogs name.
A very simple build.
Simple butt boards together and glue them up. You need them to be longer and wider than the bowls you will insert later.
Next cut 2 holes in this piece, the right size for your bowls. I did this by drilling a hole through the board, then cutting out a circle using a jigsaw.
Lastly I cut 2 thin strips of wood and glued them straight to the top panel. These will act as legs and give a front and back panel to decorate how you wish!
That's it! If your bowl needs to be larger or your dog is quite boisterous with its feeding, then I may suggest some extra support for the front and back panels. But this is more than strong enough for my little pooch!
Check out my video for how I made it! If the video isn't working please watch it at youtube here..


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