I wanted to make a customized wooden box as a gift.
I used the laser cutter for more precision and to be able to make nice corners.
In this tutorial, you will learn on how to prepare your file for the laser cutter, and tips to find all the materials you need.

Step 1: Materials

- Plywood
- Studs for upholstery (in your hardware store or Home Depot)
- Nails
- Lock
- Hindges
- Vintage handles (I found mine on Ebay)
- Wood Finish
- Transparent wood glue
- Black China Ink (for a customized message)

- Laser cutter
- Drill
- Hammer

there is <em><strong>no secret</strong></em> in the box at all got better boxes at the dollar store you need a better understanding of the word <a href="http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/secret">secret</a><br>
well .. <br>definition provided by your link is quite clear : something thatr is covered, hidden, confidential, etc ... <br>synonyms provided say the same... <br>so, where is the&quot; secret&quot; ? <br>
I thought there was a &quot;secret&quot; drawer or something inside the box !! :(( <br>However it's nice but somewhat tacky with the tacks !
Spellcheck: Hinges, not Hindges. <br>Nice work!
Nice box, but I agree with dung0beetle. I would have built it without the tacks. Otherwise pretty nice.
Where is the &quot;secret&quot; in this box?
The secrets go inside the box.<br /> <br /> It would look better without the tacks in my opinion.<br />

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