Picture of How to make a wooden spool thread holder


I had been meaning to make one of these for ages, but it was only after I found all those beautiful vintage wooden spools of thread at the charity shop that I was really spurred on. I wanted to display them as I found them so aesthetically appealing, as well as be able to view and select the colour thread I needed quickly and easily.

For more information and pictures please go to so resourceful.

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Step 1: Equipment:

One piece of MDF 16″ by 12″ ( this was the size the piece already was when we found it in the bin store. Any size could be used)

One electric drill with a wooden drill bit

18 small wooden dowels (£2.99 from Homebase for a pack of 50)

1 metre of wooden doweling (from our supply of wood that we scavenge)

1 junior hacksaw



Emulsion paint (I used leftover paint from painting the walls)

Wood glue (£1.99 from Homebase)

(total cost: less than £2 for materials used. I like cheap projects)

Step 2: Step Two:

Picture of Step Two:

Draw a grid of 2 inch squares on your piece of wood.

Step 3: Step Three:

Using a drill bit the same size as the diameter of your dowels, drill a hole at all the intersections of the horizontal lines with the vertical, making sure you drill about the same distance down each time and don’t go through the bottom of the wood.

Step 4: Step Four:

Picture of Step Four:

Depending on your selection of spools, decide how many small dowels you need (for old-fashioned smaller spools of thread) and how many longer dowels you will need for the modern longer spools. Once you are decided, cut your long piece of doweling to make enough longer dowels for your longer spools. I cut them about 2 and a quarter inches long, using the hacksaw.

I had 35 holes drilled, so decided on 18 short dowels and 17 long dowels.