I had been meaning to make one of these for ages, but it was only after I found all those beautiful vintage wooden spools of thread at the charity shop that I was really spurred on. I wanted to display them as I found them so aesthetically appealing, as well as be able to view and select the colour thread I needed quickly and easily.

For more information and pictures please go to so resourceful.

Step 1: Equipment:

One piece of MDF 16″ by 12″ ( this was the size the piece already was when we found it in the bin store. Any size could be used)

One electric drill with a wooden drill bit

18 small wooden dowels (£2.99 from Homebase for a pack of 50)

1 metre of wooden doweling (from our supply of wood that we scavenge)

1 junior hacksaw



Emulsion paint (I used leftover paint from painting the walls)

Wood glue (£1.99 from Homebase)

(total cost: less than £2 for materials used. I like cheap projects)

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