Wouldn't you like to make a wooden sword look like it is made with steel?
This tutorial explain how to paint a wooden sword and make it have a reallistic effect.

Step 1: Materials and Sword

This is the list of thing you would need:

-  The sword (in this case it's made of wood, but can be of another material).
-  A can of silver Spray Paint
-  Old brushes (preferably not thick ones).
-  1 bottle of black acrylic paint
-  1 bottle of silver acrylic paint
-  Newspapers

- Transparent enamel
<p>I just purchased 2 Wooden Chinese Broadsword Training Dao 33 In. and I need to make it look real, idk if I should spray paint or what, I need them to look like this <a href="http://cosplayers.acparadise.com/71557/71557-7e7d063a681d2800f54f0866005384e1.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://cosplayers.acparadise.com/71557/71557-7e7d0...</a> , if anyone can help that would be great, ty! ^_^<br></p>
<p>Hmm, you looked best at stage two. I probably would have left it at that. Thanks anyway!</p>
add a little less black and a little more silver. it looks too dark
Going to apply this to the prop bass guitar I'm making......IT'S GOING TO BE BAMPH NOW!!! Thank You!!!
here's a though! how do you make a metal sword look wooden?
thick wood paint<br>i once used some too thin acrylic for painting on carboard it gave it the irregular texture of wood. try it<br>
That would be very interesting, because in that case, the metal sword must be painted with the color of the wood you are trying to make it look &quot;made of&quot;. Then with the brush (a broad one) and a different color of brown, you paint the wood grain... that would be an interesting tutorial ;)
I like this Instructable. I am a sword nut, but can't afford the real deal. My wife keeps telling me to use my wood working skills to create my own sword - but they just don't look the same as a metal one. With this Instructable I believe I can achieve that effect. Thanks! (And my wife and my budget thank you!)
You're welcome :D I hope this will help you ;)

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