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Wouldn't you like to make a wooden sword look like it is made with steel?
This tutorial explain how to paint a wooden sword and make it have a reallistic effect.

Step 1: Materials and sword

Picture of Materials and sword
This is the list of thing you would need:

-  The sword (in this case it's made of wood, but can be of another material).
-  A can of silver Spray Paint
-  Old brushes (preferably not thick ones).
-  1 bottle of black acrylic paint
-  1 bottle of silver acrylic paint
-  Newspapers

- Transparent enamel
CharlotteB32 months ago

I just purchased 2 Wooden Chinese Broadsword Training Dao 33 In. and I need to make it look real, idk if I should spray paint or what, I need them to look like this http://cosplayers.acparadise.com/71557/71557-7e7d0... , if anyone can help that would be great, ty! ^_^

Bubba4210 months ago

Hmm, you looked best at stage two. I probably would have left it at that. Thanks anyway!

h88643 years ago
add a little less black and a little more silver. it looks too dark
Going to apply this to the prop bass guitar I'm making......IT'S GOING TO BE BAMPH NOW!!! Thank You!!!
skimmo4 years ago
here's a though! how do you make a metal sword look wooden?
nerd12 skimmo3 years ago
thick wood paint
i once used some too thin acrylic for painting on carboard it gave it the irregular texture of wood. try it
Erissed1 (author)  skimmo4 years ago
That would be very interesting, because in that case, the metal sword must be painted with the color of the wood you are trying to make it look "made of". Then with the brush (a broad one) and a different color of brown, you paint the wood grain... that would be an interesting tutorial ;)
malsonc4 years ago
I like this Instructable. I am a sword nut, but can't afford the real deal. My wife keeps telling me to use my wood working skills to create my own sword - but they just don't look the same as a metal one. With this Instructable I believe I can achieve that effect. Thanks! (And my wife and my budget thank you!)
Erissed1 (author)  malsonc4 years ago
You're welcome :D I hope this will help you ;)