Picture of How to make a wood texture in Paint.NET

Hello! I am going to show you how to make a simple wood texture in Paint.NET. Lets get to it!

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Step 1: Pick your colors and then make a cloud

Picture of Pick your colors and then make a cloud

First, you will want to pick your colors. I picked an orange and a brown. Now, render a cloud layer. You can customize the settings if you want, but I left them at default.

Step 2: Make the grain

Picture of Make the grain

Now you need to distort the cloud layer to make the wood grains. To do this, use the Waves plugin. I did it at these settings: Radius: 18176.97, X Effect: 7468.29, Y Effect: 389.37. You can change these settings if you wish to get a different grain.

Step 3: Soften, apply vignette, and your done!

Picture of Soften, apply vignette, and your done!
wooden ball.png

Now you will want to soften the wood. Use the Soften Portrait plugin with default settings, or if you wish, other settings so you get different colors. Now, apply a vignette with your desired settings. You can also just change the levels to change the wood color. The picture of the ball is what the texture looks like when it is used with the Shape 3D plugin to make a ball. (I didn't realize that the ball was in .PNG format, so sorry that the background is black!)

That's all! :)