This is as requested a DIY on, how to make a wooden toy Winchester rifle with a functioning lever action. NOTE: The lever is designed a bit different, than the real ting, for stability reason.

Step 1: The principle drawings

Picture of The principle drawings
First I drew up the different layers in illustrator based on a real picture. Notice, that the trigger is included in the lever - that is done for stability reason...
JoeDiCara7 months ago

Great design and plan. Do the PDF download include dimensions for overall rifle and each part? I'm wondering about signing up. Is the a way to buy just this one plan instead of signing up as Pro?

inspiredwood (author)  JoeDiCara7 months ago
Hi! My instructable doesn't include dimensions – it's ment as a generic idea :-) – to show what's possible – sorry :-) But if you print out the picture really big you should be able to trace your own blueprint on paper.
If you cut out the paper parts, you should be able to check if everyting will work, once it's done i wood. – Hope that helped :-)

ok. If you don't mind telling, what's the overall length of the rifle you made? Or length of the "barrel" past wood part just to give a sense of length? Thanks.

inspiredwood (author)  JoeDiCara7 months ago

The barrel is about 35 cm. I scaled it to fit a 10 year old. If it's for an adult, you might make it a bit longer - say 40-45 cm...

dr.who47 months ago
That's cool, I'm going to use that design and make the rosebox shotgun from terminator.
inspiredwood (author)  dr.who47 months ago
Awesome! Please do post a picture when your are done :-)
Watboys042 years ago
Does it shoot rubberbands or no???
inspiredwood (author)  Watboys042 years ago
In this model, the rubber band is purely used to retract the lever back into the idle position, but you are on to a nice idea for version two :-) ...
Watboys042 years ago
U da man!!!!
LiftAndLove2 years ago
Has anyone shot one of these or a similar gun? I shot a .44 lever-action rifle, and it was probably my most favorite gun Ive shot!
Cyclone17642 years ago
thats cool, my friends always saying f i make him a winchestor prop he'll pay me €5, but i would charge atleast €100 for 1
inspiredwood (author)  Cyclone17642 years ago
Thanks. Well to the batmobile then... Go for it!
lol :)
M3G2 years ago
This is great!
The Rambler2 years ago
Very cool.
shiftins3 years ago
HAHAh this is freaking sweet man thanks for sharing
inspiredwood (author)  shiftins3 years ago
Thanks – my pleasure...
i think i want to make this for my nephew but i want to try to make moving parts!
great job!
rather, internal parts*
machoturtle3 years ago
man once again totally awesome! the instructions are clear, the pictures are great, the product is cool! thx for posting this!