How to Make a Wooden Wand.





Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Wand.

I made a wooden wand which I intended to use as part of a Halloween costume(dressed as a wizard). 
This instructable will show you how to make one yourself.

Step 1: Materials

-wood(I used maple because it's my favourite wood to work with, and it looks good.)
-saw(not shown, optional)
-sandpaper(optional, if you have a sharp knife and can carve without leaving behind burs, and don't mind the look of knife marks)

Step 2: Collecting Wood

Go find a branch you would like to take from a tree, or a stick off the ground.
Don't take more than you need, and make sure the wood isn't rotten(if it's from the ground)

Step 3: Remove the Bark From the Wood.

peel the bark off right away if you harvested a branch from a tree, and carve it as soon as possible to reduce the amount of cracks in the wood.

If you have a branch or stick that the bark won't peel off of, scrape it off with a knife.

Step 4:

carve the wood into the shape you want.

Step 5: Add Symbols to Your Wand

Add symbols and runes to your wand(if you want to). I used a V-groove to carve them in, a knife would work just as well if you have a steady hand. Here are some Wikipedia pages with information on runes, and other symbols:

Step 6: Finishing!

sand your wand, and apply stain if you wish. you may also add different colour paints, and glue on stones, beads, etc.



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I am a MAJOR Harry Potter fan, so seeing this was like a breath of fresh air. We already have ALL the materials, so it's "free", like, I didn't need to buy a wand online. Plus this is more fun because I can do it with my dad.

I also wrote down all the steps on a piece of paper, so I can see it at home.


yes it would, but if you have a dremel with a super fine carving point tip you carve out first and then burn, not as quick but the result looks a little better

Thank you very much, this is exactly what I have been after to make my own wand. (=

Would a wood burning tool be suitable for this step also?