How to Make a Wood Sign With a Craftsman Router





Introduction: How to Make a Wood Sign With a Craftsman Router

Step by step video instructions on making a custom wood sign.  Other Great tips at



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    How did you do the border? It looks great!

    How did you get the trim on the edge/boarder of the board before you started the tracing?

    Are you a professional sign maker? Your work is amazing.

    I do belive there 1/4 inch shank bits, The smaller bit is a 1/4 inch shank with a 1/8" tip and the bigger one is a 1/4" shank with a 1/4" tip, these bits are good for removing wood for designs and lettering, I have tried the V grove bits with different angles for lettering and I really don't like them as much as the bit I used in this video for lettering

    Thats funny I did that music on my Keyboard......

    Nice porno soundtrack!

    I never really used a router table, it kinda scared me. If you are burning wood that means your going to slow. I never used a speed controller before, I'm not sure if I know what that is. The bits I was using you should be able to get them any where. I will see what sizes they are and post that. Routing signs is a new hobby for me so I guess just practice as much as you can. Good Luck

    Way cool! U got the mad skillz!!!

    Just curious what advice do you have for a router noob? I have a Craftsman router, but even clamped to a router table the thing tends to yank things away from me, bust out corners, or just burn the wood.

    Do I maybe need one of those speed controller boxes or something?

    Also, where do you get those cool tiny little bits? I haven't seen anything under 1/4 inch diameter in the stores around here. :/