This is a mosaic clock that works. The following steps will help you make one too. (This is my first instructable, so if you have anything to say just ask in the comments below. I would love to hear everyone`s opinion and want them to be happy.)
Lets get started!

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following items:
- Clock movement motor (it comes with clock hands)
- Plastic numbers
- Mosaic tiles (or any tiles of your choice)
- Mosaic tile grout
- Circular piece of wood
- Super glue
you can get all of these items at a craft store near you. (Unless they ran out of the products that you need, but that will be very unlikely)
That's brilliant! One of the best instructables I've seen.
Wow!! You make it look so easy... Impressive!! <br>
this thing is so awesome and easy to build you should definitley vote on it.
My Friends introduced my to this website, and I fell in love with this clock immediately. I love it! It's so inspiring. Good luck!
I must be hungry because this looks like a glass pizza. Good clock, probably not a good lunch ;)
It's a pretty good summer project and is not very expensive. I like it :)
<a href="http://advo.my1.ru">Alex</a> worked well
This is a cool clock! Thanks for showing me how to make it. Very creative.
Whoa! This is the coolest thing. I am totally going to make this later! It's the only one that truly gives step by step instructions! Super cool bubblebuddy777!!
It's cool :)
I'm in the middle of making this and it's working great. This is very creative, thanks so much bubblebuddy777!

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