Picture of How to make a zombie face wound
Making a zombie-like face wound using gelatin-skin.

Items you will need:

-Gelatin-skin (a great tutorial here --> )
-Face and Nose Wax (or any sort of make-up wax will work)
-Spirit Gum
-Toilet paper (2-ply)
-Eyeshadow in bruise colors (yellow, blue, green)
-Cream make-up (red, yellow, blue)
-Face powder (or Neutral Set)
-Fake blood
-Liquid Latex (optional)

And some great music to listen to never hurts :3
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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
You always want to have a clean face before starting! Using soap and water will work, but using actual facial cleanser works a lot better!

Step 2: Wax time

Picture of Wax time
Using the face and nose wax, cover the area you're planning to make-upify. Spread the wax out thinly at the edges.

If it starts to stick to your fingers, wipe them off on a dry paper towel. Getting your fingers wet while they're covered in wax will only end in tears.

Step 3: Toilet paper time

Picture of Toilet paper time
Now, take that 2-ply toilet paper and separate the sheets, so you have two very thin pieces. Take on and tear it into strips, roll said strips into a ball, then stick onto the wax. We're trying to accomplish the look that it's tissue (lawl, no pun intended) that's been ruptured when the wound occured!

After you have as much as you want (seriously, go crazy), take the red cream make-up and a brush and start splotching the red onto the toilet paper.

Step 4: Still coloring...

Picture of Still coloring...
Once you've got the red on (and it's okay if it gets in the wax!), take your yellow cream make-up and make a few spots on the red.

Then, mix together a bit of blue and yellow to make a nice green, and add that as well.

very cool idea but where do u get the items to do this

nmiller143 years ago
have you been stabed in the face
stabbed* ?*
If you don't have any face or body wax... Toothpaste will work. Sounds crazy, I know... I tried it and it works.
mommyknows15 years ago
Very cool, my kids will love this!
Please give any suggestion to the "Instructables the Movie" at
evolx105 years ago
Liquid Latex + torn pieces of toilet paper make a good 3rd degree burn effect.
I believe oatmeal is also used to achieve a "burned flesh" effect, but I'm not sure how.
I'm not sure about how they use oatmeal, maybe mix it into the latex, etc? But another good way to do a burn is using gelatin. Mix some Knox gelatin with a little bit of water till its a goop, you don't want it runny. Then scoop it up and dab it on where you want the burn, mold it, work it however you want and then wait for it to dry. After it's dry you can seal it in latex and apply makeup as usual. I'm sure a quick Google search will get you more in depth instructions on making the gelatin itself.
looks like red velvet cake! Awesome!
=SMART=5 years ago
That is very realistic. *reaches for shotgun*... hehe 5*
you done good job
If you wet your fingers before handling the wax it won't stick to you as bad. Also moist finger tips are good for smoothing out wax. Also, most gelatin make-up doesn't need the use of wax... just apply a droplet of witch hazel to the edge with a brush and then you can smoothen it out onto the skin. Also, if you don't have gelatin to make the skin, you can use liquid latex instead... lay down some wax paper... pour some liquid latex on it and tilt it till you get the coverage and thickness you want. Let it dry... after it's dry, powder it down with baby powder, finishing powder, etc... peel off of wax paper and powder the other side too. There you go, now you have a piece of latex skin to play with.
Thought you went missing, glad you didn't :)
mg0930mg5 years ago
Great instructable.
andros12005 years ago
That looks so disgusting and real! Nice 'ible!
SinAmos5 years ago
So dirty. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
nice I love doing zombie make up, the puffiness of it make it kinda look like the flesh underneath would be swollen and infected or even slightly torn out. do you make the gelatin skin or buy it? if you make it... how?