How to Make Air Duster





Introduction: How to Make Air Duster

Here is a quick, easy and fun way to make refillable air duster.
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    This thing is dangerous, besides the material strength you may use you cannot have an estimation of the strength of the surrounding can. Better use a cool mode hair dryer, it exists, it might not be so strong but you will be surpised! If not tell your girlfirend she has beautifull hair and she deserves a better hair dryer than this!

    Even with cool mode on, hair dryers still risk fusing circuit boards... Look at how close and how thin the lines are... Some are a fraction of a millimeter apart from each other, and a cool mode hair dryer can easily fuse them...

    Could I just put a valve in a normal air duster? I like the trigger mechanism more than the button commonly found on aerosol cans.

    Is there a maximum PSI this can be inflated to? What would it be? Just wondering because I have heard of the danger of using converted Freon containers to hold compressed air....

    I have charged freon containers to 200psi with no problems..There is a built in safety valve on all the ones I have seen..

    it should write on air can how much can handle it.

    I see new eco friendly shaving cream cans that use air as propellant, they have a valve under the can that could be used with adapters of course.

    fantastic idea! air dusters are so expensive. Never will my computer be dusty again.

    Thanks for compliments,but I am not the inventor of this,I have see on youtube and remake.

    Interesting idea, I will try it.