How to make .amr ringtones and get them on your phone

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I am the kind of person who constantly changes their desktop background, their PS3 background, and most importantly in this instance, their cellphone ringtone.  This Instructable is for a method I use to make all my own ringtones.
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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
First of all, if you don't have audacity go get it.  Here's a link:

Now on to the real part.  Open up Audacity and select click Project>Import Audio.  Or you can just hit Ctrl+I.  When the window comes up direct it to the song you wish to use.

Step 2: (Possible) Step 2

Picture of (Possible) Step 2
Now this step may or may not be necessary.  Click the space between the mute buttons and the track options menu or drag select the entire track.  Now click Effects>Amplify and adjust the slider until the "New peak" is between 0 and -1.  OK it and move on to

Step 3: Shortening (Not vegetable)

Picture of Shortening (Not vegetable)
If your track is too long then you may want to shorten it.  Play the track and select the area before the area you want to be your ringtone.  It should be from the beginning of the track to where the ring tone will begin.  Delete it.  Repeat for the section after the ringtone.

Step 4: Exporting

Picture of Exporting
The last Audacity involved step is to export the audio.  Click File>Export as MP3.  Save it wherever you like and then close Audacity.

Step 5: The other program: AMR to MP3 converter

Picture of The other program: AMR to MP3 converter
The other major program used in this process is the AMR to MP3 converter.  If you haven't gotten it yet you can get it here.

Open it up and under the MP3 to AMR tab import any  would be ringtones.

Step 6: Convert

Picture of Convert
Click convert.
When the little window pops up it's done.  Hit OK and close it down.

baudeagle2 months ago

I noticed in Audacity, there is an export to *.AMR file. Would this eliminate the need for the AMR to MP3 program?

finfan7 (author)  baudeagle2 months ago
Yes, that would work.
This instructable is pretty old. Audacity has been updated many times since I wrote it. Phones have also come a long way since then too. Depending on your phone you may find that you can use mp3s, wavs or .oggs as ringtones. If you can I would recommend that you do. Those formats are a bit better than amr in my opinion.
comeincrease3 months ago

You may also refer to this step by step guide to convert amr to your phone more supported mp3, wav, m4a etc at