I am the kind of person who constantly changes their desktop background, their PS3 background, and most importantly in this instance, their cellphone ringtone.  This Instructable is for a method I use to make all my own ringtones.

Step 1: Getting Started

First of all, if you don't have audacity go get it.  Here's a link: audacity.sourceforge.net/.

Now on to the real part.  Open up Audacity and select click Project>Import Audio.  Or you can just hit Ctrl+I.  When the window comes up direct it to the song you wish to use.

<p>I noticed in Audacity, there is an export to *.AMR file. Would this eliminate the need for the AMR to MP3 program?</p>
Yes, that would work.<br>This instructable is pretty old. Audacity has been updated many times since I wrote it. Phones have also come a long way since then too. Depending on your phone you may find that you can use mp3s, wavs or .oggs as ringtones. If you can I would recommend that you do. Those formats are a bit better than amr in my opinion.

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