Picture of How to make an AUG PVC marshmallow shooter
Marshmallow shooters are one of the most fun things to build and use. This is an instructable on how to make a marshmallow shooter that looks like an AUG assault rifle. It's automatic rapid fire. Gravity fed magazine that holds up to about 9 marshmallows.

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Step 1: What you need...

Picture of What you need...
Main Body:

You will need to go to a hardware store and get some PVC pipes (obviously). Get a few sticks of 1/2 inch piping and cut them (using either hacksaw or pvc cutter) into these quantities:

one 8.5* inch pipe (this will be your barrel)
two 2 inch pipes (this will be part of your scope)
four 1.5 inch pipes (these will connect your T pieces/intersection pieces)
one 4.5 inch pipe (for your handle)
one 5 inch pipe
three 3 inch pipe (part of your stock)
one 4 inch pipe (part of your stock)

*all these measurements are estimated so make adjustments if needed.
Then get some pipe connections:

six T pieces (7 recommended for a scope piece)
two 45 degree angle pieces
three couplers
one intersection piece/piece shaped like a + (this is used if you don't want to use your 7th T piece)
two slide on caps

Other things you need:
tape (any kind will work)
clear piece of thin plastic (or any thing you want to use for a scope sight)
What is the diameter of all of the pipes
1/2" is what I used for mini marshmellows
pyro42266 years ago
i made this and it was decent at best. to many fittings in the barrel?
i know that im like 3 years late for the reply, but make sure you are using 40 or 80 schedule PVC pipe, rather than 20. The 40 and 80 have thicker walls, so air doesn't slip by the marshmallow.
z12ent4 years ago
anyway anyone know how to make one with pump action instead of blowing down a tub?
check mine out here, you don't pump but you don't blow and its extremely fast check it out please
nice pretty sweet and i like the scope, mine also has a clip thinking about adding a scope but like someone commented i was leaning towards a laser sight heres the link to mine/, click here but it isn't finished yet i might make it into a full instructable but let me know how you like it?
ceaser475 years ago
were did u get the plastic for your scope because i got some from a jar and its all foggy and hard to look through, and also how did u glue your scope on, like what type of glue did u use
chopstx5 years ago
i high fived the mirror and i missed. i was so scared i ran out of the room yelling "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Shut Up Now5 years ago
i just inventive a bottom fed magazine for marshmallows. i used a roseart marker with some electrical tape on it so its a snug fit in the mag. then i took a 6 in long piece and dremeled a 5mm thick slit into the side almost to the two ends. i drilled a small hole through the top or bottom of the marker. you insert the marker into the bottom, and then put in some type of rod into the hole you made. the slit is so the marker can slide up and down without coming out. i used a rubberband to auto advance the whole thing.
bigfootduck6 years ago
This is an awesome gun! you know what would make it even cooler? make it air compressed instead of you blowing into it. it would be able to shoot marbels 10 times the distance!
i have an idea for a true trigger mag marble gun with a curved magazine
NX135 years ago
How much deos it cost
jacobzman6 years ago
good ideas
DaLoveGlove6 years ago
is there a way you could safely make this a air compressed nerf gun?
panzerunit56 years ago
insted of tape use a nickle it work way better
F-176 years ago
I can't get the magazine to work ...... It keeps double and triple feeding.
shoemaker7 years ago
Laser Guided Marshmallow BlasterToo bad the scope is just decorative. I recently posted an Instructable for a marshmallow gun with laser sight. There is a video showing how it works.
Aiming grab.jpg
buterSBob297 years ago
tat looks nice!
whitish7 years ago
thx for the komment! but... i have tried gravity fed mags before and EVERY time they jam. you can get a round out and then two come down and they wont budge. so i came up the wire idea (in my profile) and it solves the jaming problem. however its reload time is RRREEEAAALLLYYY SSSLLLOOOWWW, but it works. kool design though... looks ripp'in :)
Nice job, looks great. The scope was a great addition.
paperclip533 (author) 7 years ago
any comments?
paperclip533 (author) 7 years ago
you can spray paint it if you want