Picture of How to make an AXE flamethrower
-A bottle of AXE, preferably full, but it doesn't need to be.
-A light, or some kind of flame.
-Safety gloves

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Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
light the lighter/match/torch/flame whatever you have and keep it lit

Step 2: Step 2

Picture of Step 2
Spray the AXE over the flame and immediately take the flame away and hold the spray so its stays lit.

Step 3: Step 3

Picture of Step 3
Don't let the flame into the can or your hand will be demolished. Simple as that
Its all fun and games intill it blows your hand off.
You will automatically stop the flame if it only touches your hand, i do this many times only thing i burned so far is the hair on my thumb.