How to Make an Agario Server (with Command List)





Introduction: How to Make an Agario Server (with Command List)


Download Ogario and Nodejs.

Ogario link:

Nodejs link:

Open CMD and type:

npm install ws

Then run Start.bat in the src folder.


Server command list

Addbot: Adds a cell to the server.

Example:             Addbot

Board: Sets the scoreboard text .

Example:             Board My server

Boardreset: Resets the scoreboard text.

Example:             Boardreset

Change: Changes specified settings, usually the ip and/or port .

Example1:            change ip
Example2:            change port 00000

Clear: Clears the text in the console just like cls from batch coding.

Example:             Clear

Color: Sets a cell's color by their ID.

Example:             color 1 4

Exit: Stops the server.

Example:              exit

Food: Spawns food at the give coordinates.

Example:              food 0 0

Gamemode: Changes the server game mode.

Example:              gamemode 20

Kick: Kick a player or cell from the server by their ID.

Example:              kick 1

Kill: Kills a cell by their ID.

Example:              kill 1

Killall: Kills everyone on the server.

Example:              killall

Mass: Sets a cells mass by their ID.

Example:              mass 1 4000

Name: Changes a cell's name by their ID.

Example:              name 1 Bob

Playerlist: Displays a list of players and bots and their statuses on your server in the console.

Example:               playerlist

Pause: Pause the game and freezes all cells on the server

Example:               pause

Reload: Reloads the server config .

Example:               reload

Status: Displays the server's status in the console.

Example:               status

Tp: Teleports a player or cell by their ID to the given coordinates.

Example:               tp 1 0 0

Virus: Spawns a virus at the given coordinates.

Example:               virus 0 0

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New way to connect to servers by typing in

And replacing the with the ip.

well what is the ip? i tried putting the ipv4 address and it fit the perfectly with 4 numbers... then it gave me 2 ports. 88, and 443. i put those at the end and it didnt work... im not sure what im supposed to do

I can't connect to my server! I tried my local ip, and it was stuck on the "connecting" screen. I tried my public ip, and I selected the port, and I port forwarded, and yet it did the same thing. Help?


CMD Stands for command, but when you open your cmd, it will open a command BOX. You can then transfer anything you need.

where s the CMD i cant find it

Help Me Why When i Type in cmd prompt npm install ws it says recognize???

where do you download it?