How to Make an Air-Zooka (Airzooka)





Introduction: How to Make an Air-Zooka (Airzooka)

Have you seen these Air-zookas at several gadget stores and wal-mart ? They are about $20 each. I am going to show you how to make one yourself for less than 10 bucks.

Step 1: What You Will Need

To make it , you will need:
1. A box shaped as a cube...
2. A pair of scissors.
3. A knife.
4. A plastic bag.
5. A screwhook
6. 2 small cylindrical pieces of wood ( you can just cut a pencil in half ).
7. Duct tape
8. A couple of screw nuts
9. A heavy duty rubber band
10.A drafting compass
11.A ruller

Step 2: Let's Get Started!

Ok, start by covering all the box edges with duct tape.

Step 3: Fire in the Hole!

Now you will need to make a hole on the top of the box.
Take a ruller and find the center of the box top
Then get your compass and make a circle. Then cut it out.
After you cut it out i recommend puting some duct tape where it was cut.

Step 4: Attaching the Bag

Now you will need to take the plastic bag and lay it on the other , opened side of the box.
Then you must push it a bit inside , but not to much you want to have some plastic bag on the outside so you can stick it on the box.
Now you take your duct tape and you tape the bag on the sides of the box. It must be airtight.
If you have to you can also trim some of the bag.

Step 5: Putting the Hook

Take a piece of duct tape and put it in the center of the bag and make a hole.
Now take the screwhook with a screw nut on it and put through the hole on the bag.
Then attach another screw nut on the screwhook so it won't come off. You also put a screw nut in the end of the screwhook, but that is optional.

Step 6: The Rubber Band

For this step you will need to make 2 holes in two opposite sides of the box.
Then get your rubber band and push it through the two holes. In order for the rubber band to stay you will also need to take these little pieces of wood and put them under each side of the rubber band.
After you have attached the rubber band you will need to hook it with the screwhook.
Congatulations! You have succssesfully made an Air-zooka.

Step 7: How It Works

What you do is , you grab the back of the screwhook, pull it back, and leave it. What this does is, it shoots a massive ball of air and you can actually blow a candle from 10 feet ! Preety awesome isn't it?



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    How big should the box be?

    I am not usually all that taken by the gun instructables, but this one is neat and may just have to be explored next time any munchlings visit!

    My friend has the store bought version of this and we put baby powder in it :) .

    3 replies

    wow awesome idea!!! i'll do it in the video im going to upload!

    Maybe not baby powder? That stuff sticks in your lungs and never comes out. How about cornstarch or flour?

    yeah i think that would be a better idea

    whoopsy dasies!!

    wow you guys have really great ideas

    dude this is awsome it didnt even take me long to make and everything was recycled! oh an i filled the whole box with fog ( from the fog machine of course) and it just blew massive fog rings

    1 reply

    wow awesome! im glad you liked it... thank you for your comment


    2 replies

    I think if you were to do more to dress up the outside of the box and remove some of the blurrier pictures (esp. where there are dupes) this could be a really top-notch instructable!

    ok i ll see what i can do thanks for the advice!!

    thanks...well...i visited a gadget website and they had this for 20 bucks and i thought why not make my own . I first tried it with a plastic cup but it was too lame so i came up with this

    i get why you went with cardboard but corrugated plastic might be stronger

    3 replies

    Yeah i agree but i made it for the contest so... hehe

    you know...i wonder if you could make a mini one outta like a TP roll would not be as strong and you would have to use a balloon or something like that.