Thinking of a way to make an airsoft bi-pod? Here's is ALMOST THE BEST WAY TO MAKE ONE THAT SAVES A LOT OF MONEY!! The parts you need are easy to find too:
*2 PVC pipes (any length/size but not too thick)
*Electrical tape-orange and black (Duct tape works too but this is better)
*A PL61 laser (not really recommended,you can use others but this is the best one to use for me....) Oh and the laser needs to be removable from the cartridge that you attach on the rail or if you cant find it is fine. :D 
>>P.S. the laser above is not a PL61, it's just what I can find in the internet...

Step 1: 1st step

First step is to get both PVC pipes and try to fill the hollow inside it with something....what I used is a pencil but make sure it is not sharpened yet and my PVC pipes are thin so the pencils DO fit. Then cover thoroughly with orange electrical tape. Then, Get your laser and remove it from the cartridge thingie. If you can't, then just remove the batteries (make sure you don't want this laser!) and cover with orange electrical tape. Now your parts are ready, we move on to the other step.. :)
If you have any questions or feedbacks just comment here. Please, no rude comments. :)
Hey pretty cool. What airsoft gun/gear are you currently using?
Also, I modified an MP5 a few weeks ago, did something to the spring, extended the barrel, making it look like and work like and as powerful as a sniper rifle. I made the bi-pod for it anyway since Intervention and Barrett have their own bi-pods coming with them already. :D
Nice! I am a long range kind of guy but I also like the speed of an AEG. I've got an M4 with a tightbore barrel, systema bucking, ICS nubbing, and a 9.6 volt battery. It now shoots 450 fps and can go about 200 feet accurately. For me, the best part about the airsoft snipers is the satisfying click of pulling the bolt back.
I usually use sniper rifles. Specifically Barrett and Intervention.. My WA200 sucks... My favorite is the Intervention, aside from the looks, it really pack an incredible powerful blast. :) To me, Barrett just look like a stick attached with a handle an a butt stock XD But it is also fairly good. But Intervention is the BEST.
hey its the dude who made the project that was an airsoft battery modified to shoot the gun when you trigger a switch. i said i didnt know what to use for a tripod/bipod and your invention has been super helpful. i plan on building it soon THANK YOU and check out my step by step if you haven't already.<br>
No problem man. :) And nc instructables. :)<br>

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