How to Make an Almond Toner





Introduction: How to Make an Almond Toner

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This tutorial is teaching you how to make an almond toner. The almond toner is great for the skin because they have a bunch of nutrients and minerals for your body. This is VERY easy to make and I hope you make this! Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

Materials you need:

*2 Bowls
*Pure Water
* Plain Almonds
*Container/bottle (not pictured)

Step 2: Put Almond in Bowl

Put the almonds in the bowl. Then toss in the water. Simple enough.

Step 3: Wait

Wait for about 2-3 days for the almonds to soak and leaving the almonds a thick brown clear color. You can also speed up the process by rubbing the almonds while in the water to release the nutrients from the skin.   

Oh and sorry for my finger! 

Step 4: Pour and Store!

Drain liquid into another bowl to separate the almonds from the toner. Then store into a container/tube

Step 5:

Now your Finished! Enjoy your new toner! This toner lasts long and is versatile! For example, you can place a paper towel in it for 3 minutes and you got yourself a mask! This toner leaves your skin soft and refreshed. Note: Keep in refrigerator so it won't spoil. Other than that I Hope you enjoy it!

Also tell me your thoughts and how you did it down below with any questions too. Bye! Krabs Out



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