How to Make an Archery Target





Introduction: How to Make an Archery Target

This target is very simple and only took me 20 minutes to make. You can change out the bottle to make your target bigger or smaller.

Step 1:

These are the materials you will need for the first few parts:

1)water bottle/container (this can be whatever size you want your target to be)

2)shredded paper (if you don't have a shredder than paper cut into small pieces will work)


Step 2:

Fill up your water bottle about halfway full. Then wet it down with water.

Optional: You can get something to stick inside your container to squish the paper down.

Step 3:

Repeat step 2 until the bottle is full.

Note: Make sure to water the paper down periodically. Soak it, don't flood it.

Step 4:

Once you are done filling the target you now need to drain it so that when you hit it water doesn't come shooting out.

Here are the tools you need:

1)an All (hole puncher)


Step 5:

Your finished product!

Remember to be safe when using target.

I am not responsible for any injury or property damage caused by missing the target.



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    Great idea. Just a tip, might want to add a disclaimer saying that you aren't responsible for any harm inflicted while using the target, and to be careful while shooting your bow and arrow. Just a tip.

    Thanks, I did what you suggested.

    What exactly is the problem if water comes shooting out? Is your grass allergic to water, or something?

    I wouldn't want to shoot a wet arrow but you dont need to drain it if you dont want to

    This is a good idea. Thank you for sharing! I hope we see more from you in the future.