How to make an Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade w/ Vambrace

video How to make an Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade w/ Vambrace

Vambrace Design
Vambrace Cut outs

How to make Master Assassin Ezio's hidden blade and vambrace for a VERY small price!
If you have any questions please email me at
Please check out my site and tell me how my build was on my disussion board!

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i am 12 years old and i want make one could you do a tutorial that is easy for kids cuz i cant really do it that way however good job but please hear me out im not gonna go down to ebay and buy one for $6 it may be cheap but its more fun to make one

gallvin3 months ago

is this for sale?

RedRuby0313 months ago
Did you come up with all of this on your own? If so id just like to say your very creative/artistic!

Would I be able to cut any drawer slides with tin snips? Sorry, if this is a silly question, I don't do a lot of stuff like this.

also, were did you get that slider?
hello, whats the name of that toy knife?
ebundschu1 year ago
hay what is the hanger thing u used to make the hidden blade & where would i get it

usaat1 year ago
Sorry ı can't understand some quick parts in video
do u have a better video or making instructions?
OrangeSpy121 (author)  usaat1 year ago
Sorry I don't :/
Shrpy1 year ago
Can it take any force in the unsheathed position without going back in?
OrangeSpy121 (author)  Shrpy1 year ago
No Not really
TRACER0071 year ago
where should
i get a fake blade?
OrangeSpy121 (author)  TRACER0071 year ago
you can find one at the dollar store
al gouti1 year ago
well i finally got the stupid made it works perfectly and looks almost identical to yours(just i'm a little smaller and my vambrace is vynal)i'm working on a recorder to show ya
OrangeSpy121 (author)  al gouti1 year ago
That's awesome! good job! I'd love to see it!
al gouti1 year ago
well i just got my ball bearing slide and its all metal so my tin snips dont work,iv'e got this idea to leave every thing in place and just cut it with a metal cutting saw to fit to my arm do u think it could work
OrangeSpy121 (author)  al gouti1 year ago
no reason it wouldn't It will just take a bit more work is all
asoaita2 years ago
Hey!I dont understand the locking mecanisc.Can you help me?
OrangeSpy121 (author)  asoaita2 years ago
Basically Its a friction lock, Crimp the ends of the blade housing and the blade mech will get stuck in there and wont pop out unless you pull the string
mmcanally2 years ago

would this work as a slider?
OrangeSpy121 (author)  mmcanally2 years ago
yep it should
hey do u know any local places were i can find a key board slider
hardware stores, ask for a drawer slide
thnx really nice idea
awesome video! is it possible to make it with a larger and deadlier blade. im not going to kill anyone :) but i would like it to be real.
liar. ; )
if you check out this video: , you find another way to make the hidden blade. you can replace the blade material with a steel blade and sharpen it
ajaffe2 years ago
Moral of the story? Nerds are awesome.
ezioaltair2 years ago
Great job! Could you tell me the song you used while inserting the pins through the masking tape and the leather in part 2? Again wonderful job.
OrangeSpy121 (author)  ezioaltair2 years ago
I think its earth or ezio's family by Jesper Kyd
Again, thank you!
Harvs352 years ago
I have an idea for a locking mechanism when the blade is extended, I don't really know how to explain it but if you were interested I could draw a picture of it?
jlund3 years ago
Except not the kill part
well thats no fun. if you made mock edges on the steel and made a slightly rounded point you could use them for mock battles
make it with full steel blades and KILL!!!
That's what I pland
I feel stupid asking this but how do you keep the blade out, do you use the same friction thing as you did with the back part?
OrangeSpy121 (author)  uberplatypus3 years ago
you just put your finger on it :/
wow, epic! And were would i find a keyboard slide?
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