Step 4: The End

Picture of The End
Well, I hope that you found this helpful. I know that there are many more commands that I left out, and I did that because I did not want to have to explain them to some little kid who just wants to give his new 1gig a power-rangers icon.

Feel free to leave comments, give suggestions, make corrections, and vote.

If you have trouble making the autorun file, you can download the text file version of one I made. Just replace the information inside it and save it as a .inf file.

ALSO, the icon and open fields cannot have multiple words in them. Use the underscore symbol if you have to, but NO spaces.
autorun.txt96 bytes
einstein64 years ago
Hi bro, I started to play wif autorun.inf file few years back to give my pendrive some cool icons.. Btw I wanna correct something.. You CAN put multiple words for your icon, eg:- Cool Icon.ico, BUT WITH CONDITION, it is enclosed in double quotes as shown ==> "Cool Icon.ico".. The double quotes read the whole sentence as one..
actually, you can put a space and it will work without quotes.
jbouffard4 years ago
how do i put more than one open=open.exe in the autorun file?
i signed up just to add a comment
you saved me from having to search hours on end :)
no probably just 10 - 20 min of search, but still you saved me time
erikals6 years ago
Excellent 'ible. Thanks again.
theknight6 years ago
Brilliant! Just what I wanted! 5*s! Happy Holidays TheKnight