How to Make an Avatar: the Last Airbender = "Blue Spirit" Costume





Introduction: How to Make an Avatar: the Last Airbender = "Blue Spirit" Costume

So for halloween, my girlfriend wanted to be the Blue Spirit from Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's a pretty good outfit for halloween, as the costume incorporates fairly normal clothes, and only a few major props. 


-Baggy black pants

-black long sleeve t shirt

-black gloves

-black socks

-black balaclava

- black shoes (kung fu shoes look really good if possible)

- dark fabric (preferably brown)

- plastic hockey mask



-hot glue

-old belt

-thin wood plank

-grey fabric

-see-through black fabric

-split clips

-sand paper or dremel

-primer or gesso

-comic cardboard


Step 1: Clothing

-Wear all the black clothing: Pants, tshirt, black shoes, black socks, gloves, balaclava

- The blue spirit has forearm bands, biceps bands, a belt, and shin covers.

- If you can sew, just make tubes for the forearms and shins. If you can't, safety pins work as well. 

Step 2: Mask: Assembly + Bondo


1. Take some cardboard and cut out the extra shapes for the blue spirit mask. it has 7  face/ head pieces: a V for eye brows, 2 eye sockets, 2 cheek pieces, and 2 fangs.

2. Once you have the cardboard pieces cut out, glue them all directly onto the mask. You may want to consider thickening the two cheeks and the crown on the head with 2 layers of cardboard instead of just 1 layer. (pic 1)

3. Cover the whole thing in bondo, Keep sanding and adding bondo until you get the right shape of everything. a dremel is very very helpful at this time. (pic 2)

Step 3: Mask: Primer and Paint + Fabric

Primer/ Paint

1. Once completed, primer the entire mask. (pic 1)

2. Dry and paint the designated colors (pic 2)


1. Now, take your grey fabric and cut it into three strips. Glue two on the sides and one on the crown of the mask. Tie all three together (pic 3)

2. Now take your black see-through fabric and glue in sections for the eyes and mouth on the inside of the mask (pic 3)

3. You should be able to see and breathe out of the mask now (pic 4)

Step 4: Swords: Assembly + Bondo

Assembly (pic 1)

1. Draw the shape of the sword on a piece of construction paper and cut out.

2. Trace it  on the wood and then cut it out.
- Do this twice, as he uses dual swords.

3. With the extra wood, cut another handle and glue it on. This is to add support.
- When you do this for the other sword, glue the handle piece on the Opposite side. This way, when you put them together, they fit as if they could be one sword.

4. Use the extra wood to make HALF a hand guard for each side and glue it in place.
- Remember to do it on the opposite side for the other sword

Bondo (pic 2)

1. Bondo any gap in the hand guards

2. Bondo the handle 

3. Create a bottom for the sword out of bondo.
- I actually taped my swords together and sanded the bottom with the swords together. This way, it was fairly even when i would hold the 2 swords as 1.

Step 5: Sheath/ Scabbarb

1. Create a long rectangular box out of cardboard that will house the swords. the bottom of the sheath is rounded.

2. I took some dark fabric and put it around the top of the sheath for decoration.

3. Bondo and sand the ENTIRE sheath so that it’s sturdy and smooth.

4. Primer and paint the sheath now.

5. Take some comic cardboard and create the metal details on the top and bottom of the sword.
- i suggest spray painting this portion prior to gluing it in place.

6. Take your belt and attach it to the sword with split clips. I cut the belt in half so that it would be adjustable.

Step 6: Finished

That should be it! Take some pictures and enjoy!

* If you want, you can even paint your eye with some washable paint.. even lipstick to give it a burnt kind of look. If you really really want to go fancy, get some latex make up and dress it up.


- Purchase includes Mask, Sword + Sheath, wrist wraps, shin wraps, waist wrap, and arm straps. Does NOT include black pants, black shirt, black balaclava, or shoes.

Please Message me for details =)



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This is really good!!!! What kind of paint did you use and how did you use the clips to connect the belt to your sword?

just simple everyday acrylic paint =)... and i just put a hole in the belt, ran the split clips through a washer from the inside of the sheath to the outside, and then into a hole of a belt. .. hope that makes sense??

thank you for replying so fast! I understood it for the most part, but what is a washer?

just ordinary metal washers so that the split clips do not putt through the cardboard... the bigger surface area of the washer attached to the split clip allows for more stability =)


How much are you selling the costume for?

Okay so I stick the washers IN the sheath, and the bondo keeps it in there? How much bondo and primer will I need you think?

the split clip inserts into the metal washers.. and then that goes into the sheath from the inside.. poke the split clip through the outside of the sheath and then wrap it through your belt. i just use gesso and 1 can of bondo =)

I love Avatar: The Last Airbender and if you do to, check out my blog at, where you'll find info on Korra, her friends and Aang and his friends!

Where did you find see through black fabric!?