Introduction: How to Make a Canard Paper Airplane

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Canard air plane is one of the most famous paper air plane that can flies for a long time

Let's see how we make it! :)

Step 1: Material

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You need a A4 paper and place it on the deck

Step 2:

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Turn it over and fold the paper in haft like the picture.

Step 3:

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Fold a small triangle from the right edge of the paper to the line that you have done in step 2. And repeat the same step for the other side

You'll have a result like the picture

Step 4:

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Turn it over

Step 5:

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Fold off the selected triangles like the picture

Step 6:

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Remember what you đi in the step 3? In this step, both of the triangles are going to turn the rest of them (on the other side of the paper) up so we can get 2 perfect triangles like in the picture.

Step 7:

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Fold the selected triangle down

Step 8:

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Fold a smaller triangle (the selected area) up, and you'll have a result like the second picture.

Step 9:

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Fold it in haft

Step 10:

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Flop the selected area down and repeat the same with the other side of airplane

Step 11: DONE!

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seamster (author)2015-01-28

Another cool airplane plan! Very nice work!

LenkiV (author)seamster2015-01-29

Thanks :)

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