How to make an Easy origami Rose Bouquet!

video How to make an Easy origami Rose Bouquet!
This video tutorial will show you how to make an easy origami rose, which looks beautiful when grouped together into a bouquet. The tutorial itself shows how to make one rose, but if you wish to turn it into a bouquet, simply add some stems and leaves, and make a few. Then group them together.

For instructions on how to make the stems and leaves, look through my youtube channel. I will have it up shortly.

Aron3133 years ago
This is awesome! You got my vote. I cant go out to get flower for my girl anytime soon so im just gonna make a couple of these since i have a bunch of paper lying around! Thanks!
TCGames (author)  Aron3133 years ago
Thanks, I appreciate that. I'm sure she'll love it :D!
tamal11 year ago
it wont work.... :(
ILoveOwls2 years ago
how the heck do you make origami paper? Ive tryed and tryed but even with a paper cutter i cant make it! And ive tryed the thing where you fold the paper into a triangle.
He goes way too fast in these.
mcaddell2 years ago
Thank you, I was planning to make origami roses for my wedding for the centerpieces so thanks!
TCGames (author)  mcaddell2 years ago
That's a pretty good idea! Glad I could help :D!
gattone2 years ago
Thank you.
TCGames (author)  gattone2 years ago
Glad you like it :D!
how do u do that tcgames i love it too
and this link is a easy rose if u what to try to make that is the link ok! tcgames
there is more origami i made lolzzz
i love it nice one
TcGames if u what to know How to Make a Simple Origami Lotus Flower! i will give u a link on that ok! try to do that ok! is so nice if u made it!
the magic rose cube there is the link to it try and make it too ok
i mean everyone here that comment this TcGames origami making try some of my then!
hey TCGames i made the other one but it do not have colours ok!
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Wow...Stunning! Thanks for the upload - your roses are incredible - love the crinkly detailing caused by the twisting, they look wonderfully real!
I'm wondering how this would turn out with very thin fabric and fabric stiffener - might have to try it!
TCGames (author)  bonecholampworks3 years ago
Thanks. I'm not sure how that would turn out, but it seems like a good idea. If you do end up making it, I would love to see the end result :D!
knocker3 years ago
I have been doing origami for 20 years. Although the purist in me objects to the use of tools, your roses are the best I have seen. Thanks for your videos.
TCGames (author)  knocker3 years ago
Thanks! Yeah, I would have preferred not to use the tools, but sometimes there's no way around it lol.
Aron3133 years ago
Your welcome!