Picture of How to make an Eco-Friendly Dog Bed
The main ingredient is paper, shredded paper to be exact. You can use envelopes, junk mail, magazines, etc.

Each Eco-Friendly Dog Bed usually lasts a month unless you find a way to clean it easily.

Step 1: Things You Need

Materials Needed:
-Old pillowcase or some kind of fabric to enclose it
-Lots of paper (don't use unused paper, or it defeats the purpose of this Instructable)
-sewing needle
-extra hands (optional)
-tub (optional)
J-Five1 year ago
The one looks like it's possessed.
sarahann8264 years ago
What a great idea. I bet I shred a thousand items per month. I already have enough to make one of these for my little Lulu.
Thanks a lot for the idea.
dachshunds!!!!!!! i dont think mine likes her new bed as much.... she still prefers sleeping under the covers (which i have no problem with)
rcowgirl_65 years ago
How funny. Kinda like the best cat toy is a carboard box.
soleta6 years ago
Excelent idea. The best thing is that you can change constantly the paper . Just wash the cloth and get new fresh paper. Reminds me of the hay beds on the past, that way your dog can have a new and fresh bed each time. Thank you for sharing.
ChefZombie (author)  soleta6 years ago
Thank You!
Stephii6 years ago
thats a great idea! I would do that but paper rubbing on fabric... even the thought of it makes me feel sick! But for people without that strange thing... brilliant!