Step 4: Code

1. Download and install the Arduino programming environment
Install the FTDI driver included in the download
2. Download the code "EmoticonJacketCode.txt" in this instructable
3. Open the text file, copy and paste all the code into a new Arduino file
4. Save to the code file to the same Arduino folder as the library folder is in
tip: the folder structure should be like this: Documents>Arduino>Library>ST7565
tip: Add the library folder to the Arduino folder if necessary
5. Plug in the mini USB into the FTDI adapter and carefully line up the pins on the Lilypad
6. Upload the code to the Lilypad
7. Test the sensors and button
tip: the button should turn the display on and off, when you hold the button for about a second
tip: once on, the sensors should each display emoticon based on the force applied to the sensor
8. You can change the emoticons to one that I have converted for you, the code has all of it.
9. If you want some totally different icons, go to this source forge project:
You can make the project from terminal and convert a 128x64 8 bit windows bitmap that you've made to what the board can read.