This is not going to look like an igloo in movies or other things. It will look like a pile of snow with a whole in it, unless you smooth it. It will still work though, and tunnels are very good for moving through an expansive snow fort.

Step 1: Materials

- Snow (of course)
- Shovel
- Beach shovels work great (The short , pointed ones)
It's actually a quinsee, an igloo is made form arranged snow blocks, where as that is a hollowed out snow pile. For best results, clear out an area down to the ground, then make the pile to prevent layers in the snow from not bonding. Also, make the walls around one foot thick, and NOT by adding on as you go. Make the hill much, much larger than you anticipate, and let it settle, overnight if possible, two hours is best for emergency situations (for which this can be used), and one hour is almost pushing it. DO NOT try to speed up the Process manually compacting it, this will not let the snow bond to itself. Not trying to say your doing it wrong, but I just know how to do it for sleeping outside in them, and that's the way I make them.

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