Introduction: How to Make an Indian GUNSTOCK War Club

How make Sheath, straps and a belt to GUNSTOCK WAR CLUB -->


roflcakevortex (author)2015-07-31

where are the instructions?

pwybuchu (author)roflcakevortex2015-07-31

In movie, if you dont see there you have a link -->

roflcakevortex (author)pwybuchu2015-08-02

oh i just saw images because i was on my phone, aliright

apusapus01 (author)2015-07-31

SWEET JOB, If I remember the originals were made from tree roots and scraped into shape. Yours is still cool and easier too. To make an other real War Club as Native Americans did is a lot more time consuming. When his son was born he would find a young Ash or Maple sapling. Dig this up tie the end in a granny knot and replant it. When the youngster was ready for war they would dig it up, shave the roots, clean it up and use it. The knot would grow strong and tight, usually. Of course this was the kind used by Woodland tribes where there was trees, Otherwise it was Bison horn and rooks on sticks.

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