Step 6: Organize a Production Party

Producing all the ingredients for the restaurant together with your family and friends is one of the most fun parts of it all, especially if you organize the production party well. Get this right and you are well on your way to opening an Instructables Restaurant

1. Make sure you have all the ingredients and tools you need to produce the items you selected available. It's better if everybody can really get to work and not have to wait if the only hammer is available.

2. Have enough space for working comfortably. And think about safety.

3. Organize groups for each item that needs to be made. Think about personality and personal qualities of the people involved. Practically it comes down to the people who like to do precise stuff for electronics and measurements, people who like to work hard and fast for sawing screwing and hammering? And don't forget to invite one or two people who like to clean and take care of everything else (calling for pizza, putting beers in the fridge) so the rest can do their job.

4. It could be a good idea to get one of each item done (chairs, tables, lights) before so you have a sense of the difficulties and timing involved. People will look at you for clear instructions.

5. It is a party so drinks and food are a must. If possible some of the snacks should feature on the menu of your future restaurant as well.

6. Good music, maybe Kraftwerk or Bauhaus.