Step 7: Graphic Design Giveaways

The graphic design is mostly about giving credit to the people who deserve it.

Working in graphic programs like Indesign is not always very easy so we give you a suggestion and the files for the graphic design.

You can download our PDF files of the posters and instructions.

Please contact us if you want the high resolution stuff.
<p>Thank you a lot for a great material and absolutely amazing <br>inspirational things about the design of some elements by my own. Also, I<br> found some interesting ideas I would like to add to the web site, which<br> I am about to make. Also, I would like to share with you guys a couple <br>of good ideas on <a href="http://www.webbuildersguide.com/website-builder-categories/best-website-builders-for-cafe-and-restaurants/" rel="nofollow">Best Website Builders for Cafe and Restaurants</a>.</p>
This is unbelievably awesome. If there were an Instructables resteraunt near here? They'd probably end up with most of my money....
This is like my dream... You, my friend, are awesome<br />
You're saling across the world? Nice!!!
When you're done sailing across the world come visit!<br />
How do you download the pdf?
You're Awesome!!<br />
Thank you for including the barrel chairs, I&nbsp;am looking into travel options to come visit.<br />
Hey great to hear from you!! Let us know and you get a royal welcome.<br />
&nbsp;Where is this Restaurant?
WOW&nbsp;!!!! that would be a cool place to stop in and check out! If I ever was in town it would be in the top 5 on my top 10 places to see and eat if I was hungry when there. Do you serve Coffee? I&nbsp; could always use a cup of good Coffee&nbsp; &nbsp; <br />
What?&nbsp; No butter pens for the toast?<br />
&nbsp;Does it have a jaw replacement machine, because when i visit, i will need one<br /> !
I'd do this if my peeps would let me. Unfortunately they won't.<br />
WOW - ya' all got free wifi too?<br />
Sure thing. Visitors need to be able to comment on the food at instructables.com. That's why we've put computers there as well.&nbsp;
<em>this is just amazingly awsm,<br /> congrats&nbsp; on planning &amp; design/construction.<br /> So Well Done</em>
If your were [at] Waag Society 15 anniversary party last wednesday evening you cannot have missed the flow jamming in this 400 years old building.<br /> <br /> Sorry party-people!<br /> Sorry amsterdam klezmer band<br /> <br /> ...I didn't RDFM: I've used foil for&nbsp; <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Mod-a-toaster-and-have-retro-art-toast-for-breakfa/" rel="nofollow">toasting the bread with nice figures</a>.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
holy crap! It's like christmas come early!<br /> <br />
is this a real restaurant that people can come visit? if so, where?<br />
I saw the group and forum topic (s)&nbsp; a while back, and to be honest, I didn't think you'd follow through (just another fun idea), but this party is fantastic!<br /> <br /> I'll have to have my own!<br />
seconded!<br />
Besides the three soups I&nbsp;see in the intro image, what else is on the menu?<br />
Until now we have the soup and the toast. We've had some chefs read through the recipes and pick several good ones. As we are not experienced restauranteurs ourselves we want to develop it slowly, have a few pilot events, and see where it goes. Next thing might be a cheese cake bar connected to a competition like you organize on the website. We'll provide all the cheesecakes on the web, each single one, and let the guests decide which ones they like most. <br />
Yes. Cheesecake Contest!<br />
Do it!&nbsp;I have a ginger and white chocolate one to enter :D Been meaning to iblise it for a while :D<br />
And then the next goal is to serve you Canida's venison dish here in Amsterdam some day.<br />
Amazing!!!!<br />
We're eyeing your truffles for the next time.<br />
Neat!&nbsp; The four-minute mousse is a crowd pleaser too!<br />
I can't believe that guide to Kiteman. It blows me away.<br />
Wa-hey, great work!<br /> <br /> I guess you are working up to a full-blown actual restaurant?<br /> <br /> <small>(Oh, please let the answer be &quot;yes&quot;!)</small><br />
Yes Kiteman, we are BUT it is also really meant as an instructable so I hope lots of people will adopt the idea and open Instructable Restaurants of their own.<br /> <br /> ps I still would like to incorporate some of the cool ideas you posted one year ago!<br />
That answer is so Instructables!<br /> <br /> Excellent idea (to just let others copy you), but (speaking commercially), you may want to require that users of your ibles credit your ideas.<br /> <br /> <br />

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