Well, at first I was making some of these, and I was also making some of these as well (kind of.)

I really wanted to put something into the Get the LED Out! Challenge, then this idea just popped into my mind like how you pop popcorn! Mmmm, popcorn. Yum.

So, here's how to make and LED Spinnie, LED Rollie, or a cool LED Cylinder tubish thing with only a few pieces, and most of them are K'nex!

I hope you like it!


Step 1: Items.

The items you will need are:

  • 3 tire outsides.
  • 3 tire insides.
  • Toy with LED sphere inside.
  • A lot of green rods. About 40, just in case. Make it 50.
Pretty cooool. +1 and 3 thumbs up! Wait... Darn, I only have two.
my bro was born with three...and my cats have 7 PER PAW
7 toes, not thumbs
i have threee xD
A unique application indeed.
Thanks (for the +1 too) Goodhart! :-)
how can you see if someone voted for you??
lol I don't think he can
Very nice done, however I want a video of it.
cool, pretty soon there gunna have led splodies!, Booooom!!!! ooooo look at the coooolors!
cool. i might make.
You better.<br/><br/><h2>THIS, IS, SPARTA!</h2><br/>Sorry, I was bored. :P<br/><br/><sub>Better get back to doing my homework...</sub><br/>
haha.<br/><br/>PS: <strong>Yes, I have the Instructables Robot printed out. He rules.</strong><br/><br/>Totally.<br/>
it seemes they have the plastic ball with spring switch/acceleramiter in a lot of toys. i have two and put one in my knex roller coster.
Very nice!
Made with knex, and it doesn't suck! Great job Gorillaz! +1
Thanks for the +1! I have not won ANYTHING on Instructables yet except for a patch and some stickers Eric sent me. I'll be really happy if I win the random prize for the LionBrand Yarn challenge, this contest, and the Share the Love contest. Good luck!
I hope you win something. I've won a shirt and some stickers
Thanks for the kind words LinuxH4x0r! I hope you win something too. ;-)
Neat! This is a nice design!
Sweet!!! I need to make an instuctable on something for both contests.

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